Monday, February 06, 2012

And then . . . it was February.

Yeah, it's been a while.  Those of you familiar with my blog may note that this happens on occasion with me, these sudden vanishing acts.  You might also likely recall upon my return I tend to post my excuses.  So that's what I'm doing right now.

First, I started a very cool and interesting new Temp job with Engineers Without Borders.  As such, I spent a full week in Ottawa at their annual general conference.  This made it tough to post, but it inspired much fodder for posting anon (it was a truly inspirational week).  Then when I returned I thought I might start posting again, but . . .

I got my edits for THE FRIDAY SOCIETY.  Both from my editor and copy editor.  So that then occupied my time a fair bit.

Now the edits are in, I've got a bit of time, and I promise to post more frequently.  At least for the near future. 

My plan is to start up fresh with a new Steampunk Tuesday tomorrow.

So until then . . .

Enjoy the latest HUNGER GAMES trailer.  I know I did:

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