Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Roundup

Yes, I realise I didn't post this week, I've been under the weather.

But I have been collecting a few links for you guys to enjoy this Friday, so check them out:

A oldy but a goody: I just stumbled on author Robert J Sawyer's post from back in 1996 about Heinlein's Rules for Writing Success - it's a good one.

The always insightful agent Kristin Nelson explains why Apple's latest iPad is a Game Changer for the publishing industry.

Following on my positivity kick of late, Agent Rachelle Gardner posts about how important it is as an author to make friends within our industry (and not just for networking purposes).

A game from Agency Gatekeeper - spot the twelve mistakes this caller made to the agency in: How Not To Communicate With Agents

In sad news JD Salinger passed away this week.

And for those of you who truly still believe agents have the evil in them, then I think the following video will help solidify that belief. For the rest of us, it's just really funny:


Bev Katz Rosenbaum said...

Some great links here--thanks for posting, Adrienne!

Anonymous said...

Hi I read on your twitter that you write four books a year? Are they available to buy? Thank you

Adrienne said...

Bev - You're welcome!

Anon - I'm afraid you misread. That was a conversation I was having with another author, and it was she who writes that many a year. I have however published 2 books so far: "Alex and the Ironic Gentleman" and "Timothy and the Dragon's Gate". Both of which are available to buy online ( and in bookstores. Thanks so much for your interest!

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