Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Darklight Book Trailer

Since Monday was the day of self-aggrandisement, I thought Wednesday should be the day of celebrating others. I should honour someone who I think is totally awesome, who's abilities I totally respect, and who you all should get to know immediately.

And then I was all like . . . but what about me???

So I came up with a remarkable solution. Today I am going to showcase a brilliant book trailer for the amazing Darklight, the second book in the series by Lesley Livingston (the first is Wondrous Strange).

This is the cover for the book:

Now, you may wonder how this in any way has to do with me. Well. I'll tell you.

First I submit that all the people involved in creating this trailer (well most, I don't know all of them I must admit) are friends of mine, so I think that shows my remarkable good taste that I would hang out with such talented, gorgeous, intelligent people.

But most importantly . . . I'm in the trailer. You will see me at the end, laughing merrily as I play Titania.

And that is why this blog post is also about me.

(But seriously guys, you have to check out this series - it's a YA Urban Fantasy Romance, about faeries in NY, and unlike some protagonists in these kinds of books we could mention, the main girl Kelley is totally kick ass. Oh. And her love interest Sonny ain't to bad either.)

The trailer:


Sara@OTW said...
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Sara@OTW said...

I saw this at Dominion!
That's awesome that you had a role in it too =)

I can't wait for the third book.

Patti said...

I have so say that's one of the best book trailers I've seen.

Looks like an interesting series.

D. Antone said...

"...unlike some protagonists in these kinds of books we could mention, the main girl Kelley is totally kick ass."

Bravo! I am officially taking your opinion very seriously now. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

i have to say i am a very big fan of this book. amazing...although i have to say its not going the way i wish it would TT.TT im just now starting on darklight...i hope it turns out much better than the first not that i didnt love it i did trust me i liked it better than twilight...ohh and the Trailer...LOVED IT!!! ^//^ keep the amazing work