Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I've been a busy girl!

And rather remiss at posting! But I am sure you will all forgive me once I share with you the details of the week I am having right now.

The week actually started on Friday for me when I was flown out to Providence Rhode Island for the NEBA Trade Show. The plane I was in - 18 seats. Yes. One row of nine seats, an aisle, and another row of nine seats. And no flight attendants so that the co-pilot announced: "If it's too cold or too warm or anything, just knock on the door and let us know!"

Oh and also propellers attached to the wings that were so loud you really couldn't talk to anyone.

The whole plane. I was sitting in row one. This is it folks.

And the view from my seat. The cockpit. Yup, I was practically flying the plane myself.

Anyway, I get into Rhode Island, and a driver is waiting for me holding a sign with my name. He was a really nice guy, used to be a prison guard, and we had a lovely chat. Then I arrived at the hotel, had some room service and then went to the trade show to sign books.

I'd been slotted in for 2:30pm and while I didn't have a huge line like the other authors next to me, I signed consistently for the full half hour. It was fun, and the people I met were really nice.

Then I went back to my hotel and continued to watch the America's Next Top Model marathon I had been watching over lunch (and by marathon I mean a marathon of episodes from a few seasons back, not a marathon with models running or anything, though I think that could be quite amusing, especially if they were doing it in high fashion. And heels.). Then I got ready for dinner with some bookbuyers etc.

Artsy picture of me in my hotel room.

I met Katie and Camille (from Weinstein Books) along with Vincent (Vincent Lam, a fellow author who I talked about back at the BEA thing, he won the Giller, the big book award here in Canada, and is now being published by Weinstein in the states), and we all walked over to the restaurant. We sort of stood around waiting for people to show, and then when they did we had a really lovely time. Amazing food, and everyone was chatty (though I have to say when I started on about Shakespeare, I kind of took over the conversation for a while. Gave a bit of a lecture really - ah well).

Then the next morning Vincent and I flew home (he's from Toronto too) together, in the SAME PLANE (same pilot and everything). And my parents drove us both home from the airport (my parents really like giving rides to people).


The next day was Word on the Street, a book festival that happens in Toronto once a year that takes over an area of downtown by the university.

My name on the list of authors reading!

I was doing a reading at 5:30pm, which is right at the end of the day and I was worried I wouldn't have an audience. So I had asked some of my friends if they would mind dressing as pirates and wrangling an audience together. My friends really like being pirates. They have their own costumes, and weapons and did their job brilliantly well!

But before the reading I met up with my publicist girl person Jessica at the Scholastic booth and she showed me to the VIP section for authors (yes. I know. VIP. Me.). Which is when she had to go back to work so I was all alone feeling silly, and finally just had to jump in the midst of a group of guys who were standing chatting right next to me. They were all very nice, two of them are artists (of the graphic novel variety) and gave me a copy of each of their books - Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod, and Monster Cops by Chip Zdarsky. I have to say after a quick perusal of the books, the gents are pretty darn talented.

Then I met up with Sherri Vanderveen, author of Belle Falls (and someone I had met on AW) and her friend who is also an author. We chatted about writing, and the crazy world that is our industry, and had a really lovely time. Then I had to go meet my pirates (who had been roaming about the event promoting my reading - darling boys) and go to the Children's Reading Tent.

My pirates totally pulled through for me. When I sat down there weren't that many people there, but my pirates had gone off to do a sword fight and then bring the kids over to me, and they totally did! So I was thrilled that I actually had kids to read to and not just my family (who also turned up and of course it was great that they did, but I mean . . . you want the kids, that's after all for whom the book was written!).

I did the reading, I think it went very well, and then signed a few books. And then that was it. And I was pooped.


THEN . . . . yesterday I had two TV interviews. And I was terrified. Yes I am an actress, but playing yourself is really different and scary. Also I had never done a TV interview before, so I was worried I'd just go on, or talk to fast or . . . Anyway, in the end they both went well (I mean, I had a good time, I have no idea what the finished product looks like or anything) and if any of you guys are in the vicinity check out ETalk on CTV at 7pm tomorrow (Wednesday), and SPACE sometime next week (the podcast should be up sooner - I'll link to it when the time comes).

I'm not sure if I am brave enough to watch them myself though.


MY BOOK OFFICIALLY CAME OUT IN CANADA YESTERDAY!!!! And yes there is something anti-climactic about it seeing as I've seen it in the bookstores for a week now, and have signed many of the copies, but it's still pretty darn cool. So there were some celebratory drinks last night as well.

So that's what I've been up to so far!

Tomorrow I am going to a dinner at the Gardiner Museum hosted by Scholastic, and then on Thursday I fly out to St Louis Missouri for the Big Read Festival. So you see, I truly am a busy girl! And I hope you can forgive my poor blogging habits of late!



Joanna said...

i'm sorry that i missed you on sunday. I wanted to be there to cheer you on and lend moral support.

Love the picture of the plane.

Holly Kennedy said...

Congratulations on your Canadian release, Adrienne. You sure have been a busy girl. Sounds like fun. Much more so than writing in my pajamas at home to make my deadline for book three :-)

snarkfodder said...

Well, that was the first time I've watched eTalk, and almost certainly the last.

First they filled a LOT of time with reports of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, and other B-list celebrities (BOR-RINNNGGG), interspersing it with every Canadian reference they could find, no matter how tenuous, to fill out their content quota, and then... the show was over. I feel duped. I can't believe they used the promise of an Adrienne Kress interview to spike ratings and then didn't deliver. Awful, awful people!

If Amazon.ca is prompt, I'll have your book before the weekend. I hope it won't mind sharing the box with Haruki Murakami. I figure that's the closest to a Pirate vs Ninja battle we'll get. I'll let you know which book looks more beat up when it arrives.

Adrienne said...

joanna - don't be silly! (isn't the picture of the plane crazy?!)

Holly - yes it has been fun, but a part of me is jealous of you and the pajamas!

Snarkfodder - well I am very sorry about that! They said it would be on tonight (I was out tonight, so I didn't get to see it myself)! Needless to say my friends, and my parents, will be rather unhappy that it didn't air. I'll keep you posted if they tell me a new time!

LindaBudz said...

Huge congrats on your Book Launch Tour Extraordinaire ... I am about 1/3 of the way through my copy and loving it! Smart, funny and full of suspense ... you really take that whole "get your main character into hot water and keep her there" maxim to heart, don't you?

BTW, on our honeymoon, my husband and I took a very small plane (maybe even a tiny bit smaller than that one) from the Belize airport to one of the cayes off the coast and he actually sat in the copilot seat. I have a photo ... so cool!!

ORION said...

pirates? PIRATES!!?? What a GREAT idea to get people into a reading - are they for rent?

Heidi the Hick said...

I am totally loving your exciting ride! Except for the tiny plane...I think I liked the pictures of it better than the thought of actually being on that plane!

Kind of nice though. Cozy.

I'm really happy for you!!!!