Thursday, October 18, 2007

As the Caterpillar said . . .

I saw this on another blog a couple months back and after a few people introduced themselves in the comments section in the last post, I thought it could be a cool idea.

By using my lovely Statcounter, I know there are more of you out there than usually comment. Now I know it isn't international de-lurking month (or was it week, day?) but I have always been a very curious person, as well as someone who really likes meeting new people, so I thought, if you all didn't mind, that maybe you could come out of the shadows, just for this post. You are not obligated to comment all the time or even ever again (as I can imagine that pressure could be there once you have commented once), but just this once . . . could be neat.

So who are you (as the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland would ask)? Do you write and if so what? Anything else that we would find amusing, interesting, or scratch our chins in contemplation over?
Come on my lovely readers . . . step into the light . . .


Nathan Bransford said...

I'm here! Love the blog even if I don't always comment.

J M McDermott said...

Alas, I suspect that some of your regular visitors are robot web crawlers, sifting through the electrons for e-mail addresses and blackmail and cake-thievery and other purposes foul.

I suspect, as well, your regular readers might include any number of hostages of pirates, who are tied and bound in various holds and bilges. They are only able to surf the internet by manipulating the mouse with their nose. Alas, they are incapable of tongue-typing. If they could tongue-type, they would probably be alerting the authorities, not commenting on blogs.

Nik's Blog said...


Revealing myself, as requested.

Nik. 26. Author.


Catherine J Gardner / Phoenix Rendell said...

Hi Adrienne - I have left comments previously but I'll add another now as requested and yes I'm a writer too though not one who has yet reached the dizzying heights of having a novel published - You go girl! - Cate

Heidi the Hick said...


Look who your first comment is from!

(Heidi passes out momentarily)


CarolineU said...

Hi Adrienne...I'm a cabinetmakers wife in the UK - - & have lurked for a long time; I bought your book in the hope of a fun read but my seventeen year old son took it hostage to fill the void that Harry Potter left, so I still haven't had my chance to read it! He loved it, though.
I enjoy following your journey as a fabulous new author and peeking through the trans-atlantic window into your world. Keep being lovely, and many congratulations on your successes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne! I love your blog, and your book, of course! One of my favorite parts was the police station scene. I could not stop laughing. Now whenever I think of two way mirrors I can't help but chuckle. I am a writer myself. Not yet published, but finally working with an agent! You are a huge inspiration and I can't wait to read your sequel!


LindaBudz said...

Hi, Adrienne! I've commented before too (and now that I know NB has been reading my comments, I'm suddenly nervous about it).

I reviewed your book recently on my blog, and my own statcounter reports lead me to believe you probably saw that post, though you apparently were too modest to comment!

Anonymous said...

Im addicted to your blog. Its great.
Keep up the great work and keep sharing with us.
Dan, 33, aspiring writer of books for kids, on the shore in Connecticut USA

Madeleine said...

Woohoo! You already know me, but whatever.


I write YA (when I'm not watching ANTM...)

And... um... I own an American copy *and* a British copy of your book! So I get superior fan-rights over all those I-only-buy-the-book-in-the-country-I-live-in losers. :-D

Adrienne said...

Yay! Introductions! So cool! Keep 'em coming people!

Nathan - lovely as always to have you here!

JMM - I should hope that the posts below yours should confirm that not all my readers are robots or have been captured by pirates!

nik - thank you sir! I appreciate it!

catherine - lovely to hear from you again, I am so glad you enjoy the blog! And I am sure you shall achieve dizzying success yourself someday soon!

heidi - heidi? heidi? Shoot, someone get some smelling salts please . . .

caroline - it is a pleasure to meet you and I am glad you are enjoying the blog! I am very flattered that your 17 year old enjoyed my book, that is so cool - teenagers are finicky beasts! Know what else is cool? Your website! So awesome!

JMM - another JMM! Nice to meet you and I am thrilled you liked the book (and I love the police station scene, so that is so cool!) And congrats on the agent - publication is just around the corner, I can sense it!

linda - yes I totally saw your review, and I just never know what to do when people review it. I just am not sure if I should thank them in the comments section or not. But this is my comments section and I can do whatever I want, so thank you so much for your amazing words and the support. It means a lot to me!

Dan 33 - I am honoured to be the cause of an addiction, I shall attempt to fuel it as best as possible. And that's great you write for kids too, they are just the best audience ever! So never give up, never surrender!

Mad maddy - hey there!! Lovely to hear from you! Hope things are going well, and the great publisher hunt is moving along nicely!

Thomas Kingsley Troupe said...

Hello Adrienne! I too am addicted to this blog. I've already bought your book and I'm waiting to get through the (awful, awful) book I'm reading right now first. Alex is on deck!

I'm a writer too, living vicariously though your experiences. I write for all types o' audiences, but I seem to be on a YA kick right now. I've got a little early reader coming out in January. I'm a FF/EMT and I also am a independent filmmaker. Fun fact: I love Orange Tic Tacs. Delicious.

J M McDermott said...

Perhaps these many tongue typists are taking a moment before their impending rescue to announce their presence?

That must be it.

Also, I'm quite sure that someone is a robot around here.

Maybe it's me!

Joanna said...

ooo! ooo! me! i do! (jumping up and down frantically behind everyone else here)

David L. McAfee said...



I just wanted to be included.

LindaBudz said...

No thanks needed ... you EARNED the review. But I am pleased to know you saw it!


djpaterson said...

Hi Adrienne

I was one of your many blog readers (as opposed to contributers) - until the your last post, that was!

I'm a father of two from the UK, and get paid in the day to ensure others aren't being creative (work that one out) but write myself once the kids are asleep. I'm unpublished and originally stumbled across you on the Darley Anderson Children's website, whilst researching agents. I'm currently unpublished (which has a good deal to do with having not yet approached any agents or publishers!) but am currently trying to get my teen-fiction manuscript into good shape.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adrienne,

I love your blog and your book (can't wait for the next one)! I'm Nirushan 27, an aspiring children's writer myself living in Toronto, Canada just like you! Other than children's books my other passions include hockey (play and watch lots) and bollywood movies!

lucypick said...

Hey there,
I'm lkp over on AW and I've been lurking here for a while... I'm also a displaced former Toronto dweller, and lots of your posts make me feel homesick. I loved the Yorkdale one! I used to go there with my Mum when I was a child and eat lunch at the Simpson's. I guess that dates me...

Breka said...

How can I resist an allusion to ‘Alice in Wonderland’...I'll come out of lurker mode for a moment to say hello. Stumbled across your blog some random evening and since it's such a fun read I've been coming back. Hopefully one day soon I'll get my hands on your book. I'm not published (yet?), but when I'm not making lattes I'm writing.

Adrienne said...

thomas - I remember you! I just love your name! Congrats on the early reader, and so cool you are also a film director! And man, I haven't had a tic tac in years . . . you tempt me to try again . . .

joanna - calm down (and like you need to jump up and down to see over the crowd my fabulously statuesque friend. . . really . . .)

david - and included you are! Lovely to see you again!

linda - thanks again though, it was really great to see it!

DJ - ooh best of luck with the agent hunt - it's a scary and frustrating process to be sure, but in the end it'll all work out! And now I am dying to learn what your day job is!

Nirushan - yay another Torontonian writer! I wish you much success. And speaking of Hockey, did you watch the Leafs last night . . .so depressing . . .

lucy - I am glad I can be a source of nostalgia for you! When I was living in England, I read my friend's blogs in just the same way! And I do remember Simpson's, it wasn't THAT long ago!

breka - nice to meet you! And I think being a barista must be the perfect job with writing - being a writer I feel bad that I am not a coffee drinker, seems to me the two activities go hand in hand. Good luck with the writing btw!

Northern Creative said...

hi! i'm still here, checking in every day. sorry i don't comment much! i really enjoy reading about your successes and hope one day to experience the same. about me? i'm a theatre scriptwriter in the making (i hope).

Adrienne said...

Aw Northern Creative! You were like my first commenter I think, or one of the first, I am so happy to see you are still around!

Sue Eves said...

Hi Adrienne!
Good luck with your deadline.
You're on my reading list (google reader) and I'm halfway through Alex and the Wigpowder Treasure as it's known here in the UK. I love the way the cover lights up my bag and your voice lights up my day!

Chumplet said...

I poke my head in a few times a month, and I'm always interested in your journey as a writer, as well as your acting endeavors.

From a fellow writer in Newmarket, Ontario!

Mary said...

Better late than never (but now with a blue name and a photo)!

I’m a designer, an aspiring writer (children’s/YA), and a great-big fan of your work. Though I rank below Madeleine, because I only own Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. I will, however, be buying Alex and the Wigpowder Treasure for my niece, this Christmas.