Monday, October 22, 2007

I must leave you all for a time!

And I am sorry as ever to do it, especially now that I have met so many of you in the comments section of the post below (thank you so much for indulging me everyone, it was really cool).

But I am drawing near, very near, to my deadline for book 2 and I really need to focus all writing energy on that. So it will probably be two weeks, or so before we meet again, but trust me I will be thinking of you all often!

Big sloppy kisses!


snarkfodder said...

Fine. Go. See if we care. We'll be FINE, Adrienne. Just FINE... crying... into our chocolate milk...

I am, of course, kidding. Totally understand. But the blog will feel empty. Maybe it will allow your readers a chance to tear themselves away and get some work done as well. *ahem*

Good luck, have fun. Don't explode or anything.

mary said...


I thoroughly enjoyed Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. It seems like ages since winning the ARC, but about two days after it arrived (and I'm sure there's no connection), I became very ill. It was lovely, however, to return to your story while I was recovering.

I'm now catching up with life, work, and the blogosphere -- where I see lots has been happening!

There's so much I loved about your book (I'm recommending it, wildly!) But what I ultimately found most unique and entertaining was this: I had absolutely no idea what would happen next or where the story would take me, and that is a Very Good Thing.

All the best with book two, and happy writing!

Mary xx

Heidi the Hick said...

Go write! Fly like the wind! And all that.

Catherine J Gardner / Phoenix Rendell said...

The deadline for book 2 - exciting! exciting! Good luck, Adrienne...

thenovicewriter said...


I've been MIA for a while now...but your book is finally out in Canada! I started reading it today...1/4 of the way through and hopefully will make it to the end by the end of the week. I love how ironic your writing style is - (which is ironic in itself considering that the ship is named the Ironic Gentleman)!

Good luck with your second book =).

The Novice Writer

Chumplet said...

Gosh, you scared me for a minute! If it's only a few weeks, okay.

Happy Deadline!

djpaterson said...

Good luck getting book 2 finished, Adrienne - is it a sequal to 'Alex'?


djpaterson said...

Darn typo. I did of course mean 'sequel' (or should that be seekwel?)

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