Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What is the name of the deadly pirate ship that Alex chases?

I have been noticing in my "recent keyword activity" that strange phrase popping up every now and then.

Now what the devil was going on exactly? And why did all these people not want to read my book and find out the answer, as opposed to googling it? And darn it what was the incentive to find the answer anyway?

Well turns out this is: Competition

It is truly cool to be a part of a competition that you yourself didn't organise. A serious honour.

And so I thought I would help out, just a bit. The answer is easily found in my sidebar to the right, over there . . . a little further down. . . there you got it!

I will give one further hint:

Look at the American title.

Oh heck fine, the name of the ship is . . . oh and I am afraid we are all out of time here at Adrienne's blog! Please join us in a few days when she goes on for probably too long about what it is like to have a play go up in Summerworks! Until then, have a great day folks, and remember if it's not a blog it's probably someone's personal diary and you should put it down right now!



elysabeth said...

And if you look at the rules a little closer, it says they can only accept UK entries - lol - how funny is that - the name of the ship is plain as day on the cover of the book - too bad I can't enter - oh well - good luck to those who do enter - E :)

Holly Kennedy said...

Adrienne -- I'm way behind on my blogging, so thought I'd pop by. I read a few of your posts. Nice to see that you name your characters after friends, too (ie., Heather).

Love, love, love your UK cover, btw, but if I absolutely HAD to choose one or the other, I think I would have to pick the other one.

Can't wait to read it this fall!

David L. McAfee said...

OOH! I know this''

Is the answer North Dakota? :)

Kidding, just kidding.

Adrienne said...

elysabeth - I didn't realise it was only in the UK. I guess it makes sense though. It would be a bit silly to hold the same contest in the North America.

holly - nice to see you in the blogosphere again! I think it is interesting how North Americans seem to like the North American one and brits the UK one. Kind of shows that those publishers may know what they are doing eh?

david - so close! And by close I mean, no, no you are completely and utterly wrong and you should be very very very ashamed of yourself.

David L. McAfee said...

Well, poo. :) I thought I was doing pretty well.

BTW - I finished Alex and (ahem) North Dakota yesterday afternoon.

Loved it. :) Review to follow in a few days.