Monday, August 06, 2007


Yes okay, maybe announcing that my book is out minutes after midnight is a bit eager but come on!! MY BOOK IS OFFICIALLY RELEASED TODAY! Like, that is so cool!! And amazing!!! And also a bit weird seeing as I can't actually see it in bookstores and stuff as it is all the way across the ocean (which is why I officially dub any of my fab blog readers in the UK my super secret spies to find said book, take super secret picture of book and send it to me so I may post it on my blog and have the world revel in its glory - I would prefer my super secret spies to be in the picture wearing dark sunglasses and/or a trench coat, but really any outfit will do!).

But seriously folks, how can someone really express the strange multi-layered emotional insaneness that is today. How can I even begin to understand it myself? To come to terms with being an "author"? See I even put author in quotes there. I have to stop doing that. I'm not an "author". I'm an author. Yes. I am. Never ever in a million years would I have predicted this. Life just does this sometimes, it is oddly predictable in its unpredictability. Well I hope it enjoyed the loop it through me for. And I hope the loop was more like a hula hoop cause those are fun.

Anyway, so today . . . okay here's my dad's pun and I apologise profusely for it. . . today my parents are taking me for "launch" at the Royal Ontario Museum (it was just renovated and evidently has an amazing new restaurant) to celebrate.

Oh and check out Scholastic UK, where I am featured as author of the month, with a just fabulous interview with yours truly.


This. Is. So. Cool.


Welshcake said...

Adrienne, massive, humungous congratulations! I really hope Alex does well, I’m sure she will, she's such a little charmer. I bet your parents are soooo proud of you.

I’m in London and if I spot anything Alex related on my travels I’ll take a wee piccie for you.

Of course, you do realise that I’m also hugely envious of you!

Alex Adams said...

Congratulations, Adrienne! You must be totally over the moon.

Kanani said...

whoo hooo! a great time to celebrate!

Erin said...

YAYNESS! CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you!

Heidi the Hick said...

I think instead of "author" you should call yourself an AUTHOR. G'head. You've earned it!

Dawn said...

I raise my glass to you, Adrienne. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful day because you are truly an author. Toss those quotation marks away!

When you asked about UK readers I immediately thought of Welshcake so how wonderful that she was right on the blog and is going to see if she can spot wee Ted hanging out in a UK bookstore.

I shall ask for it at a few NZ book stores to get them on the ball with it.

Big hug and more congratulations. Oh go on then, more champagne to! You deserve it!

Adrienne said...

thanks so much everyone!!! I really appreciate all the support!

This is all so crazy isn't it?!