Friday, August 03, 2007

A Quickie

First of all thank you to everyone for the well wishes for last night, it went really well! The actors were on top form, and the audience really seemed to love it (let's just say they laughed a lot)! It's such a crazy feeling being the director, sitting there in the audience with no control over anything that happens on stage. At one point I thought for sure they were going way too slow until I realised I was comparing their pace to my heartbeat. Needless to say my whole team, actors and stage management were awesome, now all we need is to fill the house! Anyway today I am taking off and just relaxing, and then I plan on getting really nervous for our next show at 9:30pm tomorrow. Yay!

Second I just wanted to remind everyone that Patricia Wood's book Lottery is now officially out, yay! Not that she needs my help with promotion, her book is already in the top 100 at Barnes and Noble and is at #375 at the moment on Amazon (plus she's been interviewed by USA Today for crying out loud!). Still, the book is great, as is the author so I thought I'd link you all back to the spoiler free review I made a few months ago after I'd read the ARC. Enjoy! (and congrats Pat as ever, you so deserve all of this wonderfulness!)


Lesley Livingston said...

Oh hai!!
I bloggded about you!!

(in ur blooger, commentin on ur showz)

thenovicewriter said...

Wow! Congratulations on the show: it must be so nerve-wracking and thrilling to watch all your hard work just play out in front of you. And this all happening with the rush of a novel still to come out...Man!

Dawn said...

Congratulations Adrienne. It must have been nerve wracking but obviously it went well. How long does it run for? Do you get to take a bow too?

Adrienne said...

thanks all!

lesley- aw thanks!! That is very sweet of you!

novice - yeah lots of emotions happening right now in a very short time line!

dawn - it runs for 2 weeks, but only 6 shows. And no, I do not get to take a bow too. But that's okay. I do get to put "written and directed by" on every bit of advertising though!