Monday, February 05, 2007

But baby . . .

It is bitterly cold outside. The wind is howling, the snow is swirling. And I had to wait twenty minutes for the streetcar to arrive (I think there is something morally wrong with that in this sort of weather when the government is making cold advisory warnings etc) .

I am now inside. I plan on having some tea before continuing to read through my MS with a fine toothed comb (a process I am enjoying FAR more than the edits which I finally finished).

So share with me some of your warm thoughts. What do you do on days like today? I want the coziest of stories, involving the likes of roaring fires and thick blankets.

And now if you don't mind, I think I'll put the kettle on.


Holly Kennedy said...

Hi, Adrienne... On cold days like that (and we're having one right now in Alberta, too) my cozy "fantasy day" would involve a two-hour back massage in front of a fire, followed by a few good movies and one glass of excellent red wine!

It'll never happen, of course, but one can always dream!

J M McDermott said...

if you're in a starbucks, order a venti cup of hot tea. put one bag of "awake", and one bag of "calm", drink and see which one wins.

also, many teas come with colors in their names. orange and spice tea. green tea. african red bush. etc.

what colors result when two colored teas come together? can one take green and red tea and wind up with purple tea?

if so, can you also drink it?

it's alchemy with tea. a.k.a. alchem-tea.

adrienne said...

Thanks guys! These stories will serve me well the next few days. It was like crossing the tundra today walking through the park home.

Holly - my god what a perfect evening!

J M - you like tea. I see that now. Suddenly everything makes a lot of sense.

Holly Kennedy said...

Perfect evening, Adrienne?
Nah, perfect FANTASY. The difference being that fantasy's like that rarely happen, hey? Oh well... Still cold in Alberta.
No fire and no husband offering up a massage! Darn...

J M McDermott said...

There's some central American village that has a hospital, a school, and water purification facility based solely on my coffee drinking habit. I am single-handedly doing everything I can to fight the spread of the cocaine farmers by making coffee a far more lucrative product.

I drink tea, too. I have this one tea that has a warning label that says I shouldn't drink more than twenty cups a day. I've never even come close, but I think it's really fun to have tea that comes with a warning label.

ORION said...

I am afraid to post.
I DID live in Illinois for graduate school.
It was cold there...really.
but I've forgotten.
Right now I am in shorts, my bare feet up on my camphor wood chest, my cold drink at my side, cockpit door open, tropical breeze ruffling my hair, waves lapping the side of my boat...

adrienne said...

No comment Orion.

Except to stick my tongue out at you.