Monday, November 20, 2006


So on Sunday the lovely Lesley who played the equally lovely Lady Macbeth in the show I just did (so lovely was she that even dressed head to toe in brown velour she got wolf whistles from an excited teenager in the audience) invited me along to I guess a get together/reading thing by Guy Gavriel Kay, the quite prolific writer of historical fantasy, and a fellow canuck.

He read from his new book Ysabel, which comes out I believe in January, which was super cool. Yes I am sure he'll use the quote "super cool" as one of his blurbs. So you all must go buy the book when it comes out. Again, not like he needs my endorsement.

I also got the opportunity to meet many interesting people involved in the writing industry, and I have discovered something. Networking? It isn't all that difficult. Especially when the people you are talking with are very nice, funny and interesting. And really it just feels like talking until you are handed a business card (note to self, make more business cards). I always assumed it was something I would never be able to handle, but I totally forgot how much I love meeting new people, and that's all it really is. The trickiest thing is I guess knowing where to go, and getting the invite. But once you're in, not so bad. Also it helps to have someone giving you the best introductions ever over and over again. So yes, many a hearty thanks to Lesley for the invite and the support. And thanks also to everyone I met and chatted with. I had a truly lovely time.

(PS: Very very very sad that Macbeth is finished. I hate it when a show comes down. Sigh)


Elizabeth said...

Adrienne, it was such an absolute delight to meet you at the cafe gathering/reading - such verve and energy and poise you have. Enjoyed chatting with you, particularly while with Peter who looked to be absolutely smitten - and who can blame him? *wink*. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. Best of luck and hope to see you again with Lesley sometime.

~Elizabeth (the one with four children, if you remember?)

adrienne said...

Of course I remember and thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you as well, and I too hope we'll get together again sometime.