Sunday, November 12, 2006

On another subject . . .

I thought that while things behind the scenes got themselves figured out in the book end of my life, that we should visit ever so briefly the other extremely important . . . book end of my life. That whole acting thing.

As I announced a few weeks back I was cast as "Third Witch" in a production of Macbeth. Well we opened last week (a two week run, two shows a day), and I just wanted to let everyone know just how lovely it has been. Acting is a really great job, and it is understandable why it takes so much effort to be a professional, because the doing of the job itself is so unbelievably fun!

First there's the acting itself. Getting to say some wonderful words that just roll off the tongue (I'm the witch that gets to say, "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes"), getting to wear fun and funky costumes, and getting to simply play. But then there are all the other things. The backstage antics, the onstage inside jokes, the unexpected audience responses. The amazingness of seeing MacDuff's kilt fall off just before having to announce "Let all our trumpets speak!" (It happened folks, it happened. In front of high school students). Then there is the post theatre-ness, ie the Pub.

Yes acting is wonderful. I don't mean to minimalise the work put into it. I mean rehearsals go long, and running two shows back to back with only an hour break is exhausting. And of course there is the physical act of performing the stage combat. Let's also not forget the mental pain of not being able to understand a directorial note no matter how hard you try, or feeling like the world's worst actor. But I think it is important to point out how swell acting is most of the time. Because it really is.

I love it so much. And I am going to be so sad when this show is over on Friday. Sigh. Ah well, there will be others. Onwards, and upwards!

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