Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Steampunk Tuesday - Intro To Steampunk

Hey all!

Having already a rather crazy week so this spawns . . .

LAZY BLOG POSTING *echo, echo echo*

But with the lazy can come something of use.  I think.  Or maybe it's just an excuse.  I dunno. 

At any rate, the other day a friend asked for some links etc to help her get a basic sense of what this whole Steampunk thing was and I sent her some. And then I realised . . . this might be a good list to compile officially here.

Now, to be fair, it's a bit of a biased list.  Towards me.  And previous Steampunk Tuesday posts I've made.  But as I've already collected a lot of stuff to aid in the explanation of "What the heck is Steampunk", I feel like it's okay to be biased towards me.  Especially as the content within said posts are courtesy of mostly . . . not . . . me.

Anyway, here's a nice list of links that I think will help any newcomer to Steampunk get a better sense of what it is:




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Lisa Shafer said...

My favorite introduction to what steampunk is -- and ISN'T -- is this: