Monday, September 17, 2012

The month and a bit that was . . .

Well now that was a whirlwind is what that was.

August came and went and left this temping actress writer in more than just a little daze.

However I'm back now, and I'm going to return to regular blogging. Especially my Steampunk Tuesdays as I've come up with some new topics about which I am rather excited to write. But I thought I'd start things off with a little summary of what I've been up to in this crazy month.

First: The Temp. Not glamorous at all I realise, but necessary, and actually quite enjoyable. I really do like meeting new people, and seeing how various businesses run their . . . business. Also sometimes you temp places with cool views:

Second: The Actress. I got a small role in a film. I haven't actually filmed my day yet, but there has been a table read and getting to know the cast and crew, and it's been all kinds of awesome. More details as I am allowed to reveal them.

I was also cast in a TV pilot called PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS - a parody of those supernatural investigating shows. It was a lot of fun to do, with a lot of very talented people both in front and behind the camera. The actual weekend of that shoot was crazy though: by day I was the actress and by night . . .

Third: The Writer. . . . I had to drive an hour and a half outside of the city to participate in an author event in Orillia with fellow authors Julie Czerneda, Anne Bishop and Mark Leslie. I arrived just in time for the readings to begin, and they were awesome. Truly. Everyone read so well - which as people who attend author readings often can tell you, doesn't always happen. Then we crossed the parking lot to the Stephen Leacock house for the cocktail party.  It was his cottage once upon a time and I've decided it is pretty much my dream cottage:

Biggest pool table ever.

I had a fantastic time touring around and chatting with folk. Then I stayed overnight in a hotel and first thing the next morning drove back to be . . .

The Actress again, shooting day two of PI. Here are some pics from the two days!

The gang watching back some footage.

Take six!

The DOP: Bob.

Me and the possessed kid we investigated: Jayden. He has assured me that when I am cast in his movie, I get to wear comfortable shoes. Score!

L to R: Scott Leaver, Shawn Ahmed, Patrick McKenna, Me, Nicole Smith

Back to The Writer: This was also the month of FanExpo - the big SF/Fantasy convention here in Toronto. I attended all four days (with a brief escape to be Actress again and do an audition), and did one panel - on Steampunk writing of course, with my usual cohorts: J.M. Frey and Rob St. Martin. It was . . . for want of a better word exhausting. But it was also a great deal of fun. Hanging out with fellow author buddies like Lesley Livingston and Violette Malan; seeing Doc and the DeLorean reunited; and watching people stand in line for two hours to see Gillian Anderson.

Yup that totally is Doc (Christopher Lloyd) sitting on the DeLorean.

Me and Lesley Livingston.

Me and Gandalf. He didn't talk much. Or move. Or breathe.

The lead up to FanExpo was also exhausting as I had to prep a lot of stuff to bring with me. Most of all these buttons, which I designed and made myself (well made as in on Photoshop, the physical product was put together by the amazing people over at

I am most proud of my Michiko button. You may notice I had to give her a neck (Cora's arm covers it in the original image). They were quite the success I must say, with "Hero" coming in as most popular, and "Be Your Own Hero" a close second.

Last but not least, my book was included as swag in the Bask-It-Style gift bag for TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival - which just ended yesterday) - a bag that gets delivered to the visiting celebs. They host a media day so the press can come in and see all the goodies the celebs are getting. It's a long day, talking about the book to a bunch of people touring through. But it's also very fun and you meet some cool people. Here are some pics of said day!

The books being given away.

(photo by Todd Williamson)
Me and singer Fefe Dobson. And yes, she is wearing my Steampunk hat. Because she's awesome that way.

The view from the penthouse we were situated in. Did you know Toronto had islands?
We totally do, baby!

And that's it! Well that's not really it. I also spent time with friends and family. And explored the city, which I think one should always do in one's own hometown. I visited High Park, Riverdale Farm (for the first time). Even went to The Ex and had deep fried butter! Would you believe it isn't nearly as disgusting as it sounds? Though I did walk home (over an hour's walk) after . . .

It was a good month and a bit, and things are only just starting to rev up. Kind of crazy that December and the launch of TFS is still months away, but there is still so much happening in between! I'm really going to try to be good and keep you all posted this fall. But I also highly recommend, if you are desperate to know what I am up to (and really, who wouldn't be), to check me out on Twitter where I do tweet pretty regularly: @AdrienneKress

I hope you all have also had a lovely month and a bit. And now that I'm done this bit of show and tell, it's your turn! What did you guys all get up to this August??

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Woods said...

FanExpo looked as though it was a ton of fun. Love the pictures! And I want that Steampunk hat. ; )

Congratulations on the role!