Thursday, September 20, 2012


Okay! So I thought I should share some FRIDAY SOCIETY updates as, you know, there are some.

* First and most importantly, for anyone seeking to read an excerpt - chapter one is now available online here! Yay!

* Second I will be appearing at Word on the Street, 4pm on Sunday September 23 at the Penguin Pavilion moderating the Women of YA panel.

* Third . . . here is what the jacket is going to look like!  I believe the proper term for this is "squee".  This is so beyond exciting for me.  The cover is printed on pearlescent paper so it has this sheen to it, and the title/my name/three girls are embossed.  I also really like the section they quoted on the back cover - and check out the silhouette!  How Charlie's Angels is that :) .  I also love how the flaps continue with the pinwheel design, and have these little decorative features in the corners.

Unfortunately despite numerous attempts, my pictures are slightly out of focus :P .  But I think you get a decent sense of what it looks like:

Zee jacket

Zee shiny

Zee reverse side - where you can see the embossing

* Last but not least I am very honoured to share with you a blurb from science fiction and fantasy author, Ms. Julie Czerneda. She's an all around amazing woman, very talented, and extremely generous. You should buy all her books now. Though she is also quite prolific so it might make a slight dent in your wallet.

And so . . .

“THE FRIDAY SOCIETY is what I’ve been waiting for, a dashing adventure bursting with atmosphere and originality, where the day shall be saved by women of brilliance and character. Keep writing, Kress! I must have more! Most highly recommended.”

- Julie E. Czerneda, author of A TURN OF LIGHT

And . . . that's it for now!  Further bulletins as events warrant!  (<-- a sentence I learned when I was a child from Calvin and Hobbes):



Lisa Shafer said...

Augrrrrrh! That was like eating a single spoonful of ice cream!!! I want your book! Now!!! *screams and pounds floor*

Adrienne said...

lol, best temper tantrum ever :) .

Very happy you enjoyed it, and I swear December will come very soon.

And maybe . . . just maybe . . . I might be hosting an ARC giveaway contest in the near future . . .

Lisa Shafer said...

Ah, indeed!
Besides just wanting to read your book for me, I'm hoping it'll meet the requirements for me to add it to my reading lists for school, as I'm using a steampunk genre list for one class this year, and I really need one more book (too few options right now). And maybe -- if it meets all the librarians requirements -- I can get him to make it a book of the month (in which case, he'll buy about 30 copies of it) -- because he always chooses books with male protagonists unless I nag him to death over it. But steampunk Charlie's Angels just might do the trick for him. I hope.