Friday, December 03, 2010

Some Fun Questions For You Guys

It seems like I just can't blog on a regular basis. Probably because when I do blog I tend to want to take several hours to compose a very long essay on a subject that's meaningful to me. I even have a saved un-published blog post I've been working on for weeks now.

The time commitment makes it hard for me to post when I'm really busy - a novel to finish writing, and I'm in a show . . .

Oh hey! I'm in a show! I should probably advertise that. I'll do that in a moment.

Anyway, my point is, I do however tweet frequently. It takes all of a second to tweet. And I realised that in my tweeting lately I've been asking a lot of questions and having so much fun with the answers, and I thought I'd ask you guys the same questions! So. Yeah. Here we go:

Who is your favourite Harry Potter villain?

What is your favourite book cover?

What is your favourite:

-adult book?
-children's book?
-most influential book?
-desert island book?
-guilty pleasure?

So yeah! Can't wait to see the answers, and next post, maybe just maybe I'll post my answers to said questions. :)

Now onto self promotion:

I'm in a show at the beginning of January at the NEXT STAGE FESTIVAL. It's called Duel of Ages, and here's some info on it:

True Edge Productions

By Kristin Grundlack Levinson, Denis McGrath, Mike McPhaden, Michael Rubenfeld, Gregg Taylor, Rick Roberts, Daniel Levinson, Scott Leaver / Directed by: Todd Campbell

Wounds of the flesh, a surgeon’s skill may heal, But wounded honour is only cured with steel.

Duel of Ages invites you to explore the infamous legacy of personal combat through an anthology of short plays depicting various ages in the history of dueling. With choreography and performances by some of Toronto’s most talented fight directors and actor- combatants, Duel of Ages is a thrilling exploration of the cult of honour and personal combat. Rapiers for two… coffee for one.

“Unlike anything you’re likely to see at this or any other Fringe… Kicks major ass in the thrills department” —Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine NNNN

“This kinetic, beautifully choreographed show is one truly dazzling spectacle.” —Tatiana Kachira,

Factory Main / 90 Minutes / Anthology / General Audience / Violence / Gunshots


sksperry said...

Who is your favourite Harry Potter villain? Dolores Umbridge-that self-statisfied, holier-than-thou, smug pig. I've never met a women I wanted to punch in the face until I saw her.

What is your favourite book cover?

I really don't pay enough attention to them to have a favourite.

What is your favourite:

-adult book?
Too many to mention. Stephen King's, "The Stand" will do for now.
-children's book?
Yours, of course. :-)
-most influential book?
Tarzan. It was the first book I remember reading when I was 10, and it got me hooked on reading, made me want to write, and taught me everything I believe in about honour and chivalry.
-desert island book?
Probably "Shogun" because I like it, and it's really long. Of course, "The Stand" fits that criteria also.
-guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, of course. No, wait--I don't feel the least bit guilty about chocolate. ;-)

Larry said...

Wonderful blog! Will visit again.

aravenswritingdesk said...

Favorite HP villain? Oh dear... hmm... Lucius, but also the Horcrux from Tom's diary.

Favorite book cover is even harder, seeing as it's constantly changing. But for now, I'd say the cover for Water Mirror (a.k.a. The Flowing Queen) by Kai Meyer. Here's a picture of the cover art that I've seen:

I haven't read any adult books, so I can't actually answer that one, but my favorite children's books will always be Dr. Suess. :)

The most influential book might be Artemis Fowl or The Mysterious Benedict Society, I'm not quite sure yet.

I haven't read many desert island books, so I really can't say if I have a favorite.

And for guilty pleasure... if you mean reading, then my guilty pleasure is re-reading all the scenes where the characters are being mistreated and you feel incredibly sorry for them (example: the start of Outcast of Redwall by Brian Jacques). I look forward to reading your answers to the questions too! :) I'm still trying to persuade my Mom to let me get a Twitter account so I can follow the authors I like.