Thursday, April 29, 2010

Many Things To Share

So I have several different things to share with you today, most have little to do with the other, but I figured this was an excellent way of sharing them all without having to find a through line. Because, I mean, seriously, who likes a through line anyway. Absurdity rules, my friends. Absurdity rules.

We begin with one of the perks of running a blog. I was contacted a while ago by Sarah at LuShae Jewelry with a most interesting proposition. Basically she offered to send me a piece of her jewelry of my choice in exchange for me reviewing it here on my blog. Since I admire people with such an entrepreneurial spirit, and since I'll never say no to free jewelry. . . I said no.

No no no, of course I said yes. Who wouldn't say yes? I also said I would have to be totally honest in my review, as I know how much all my lovely readers depend on my verisimilitude.

I chose this piece:

The Chandelier Marquise Flower.

I chose it for its elegance. It's sparkly-ness. And also for its totally awesome name.

It arrived in a timely fashion and . . . I ADORE it. I'm being totally honest here folks. It's good quality, the picture does it complete justice, and man does it sparkle. Here I am, wearing it:

If there was one small issue I have with the piece, it's the chain which I found personally a bit short, and is unfortunately not removable. But it's a small quibble for an otherwise really lovely piece. So thank you to Sarah at LuShae Jewelry, and I would recommend for people to check out their site. I had a very difficult time choosing which piece I wanted, the selection is just wonderful.


Last week I attended the MASC Young Authors and Illustrators Conference in Ottawa. It was three days of teaching writing workshops to kids and it was great fun. I'd never taught a writing workshop before - we had six to do in 3 days (!) (I've done presentations and readings to schools, and I've taught a heck of a lot of drama), so I was a little nervous on the first day. It all worked out wonderfully well though, and I made some lovely new author/illustrator friends:

Caroline Pignat
K.V. Johansen
Lee Edward Fodi
Tom Fowler
Frieda Wishinsky
Ruth Ohi
Richard Scrimger

The event was very well organised, and everyone involved was just so lovely and, quite frankly, hilarious. Thanks again to everyone at MASC. It was a truly fab experience.


Also . . .

Check out the AWESOME Indonesian cover of ALEX - total movie poster quality:



I am now a redhead. A subtle redhead. But a redhead nonetheless. Here is proof (though the colour in these pics is a bit dull for some reason, meh, use your imagination):


Lydia Sharp said...

1. The necklace made me speechless and I'm pretty sure time stood still for at least 0.0001 seconds when I first saw it.
2. I'm totally jealous that you got to teach a writing class. That is one of my career goals.
3. Love. That. Cover. (currently half-way through AATIG, and so far, loving it).
4. You and I are going to be matching redheads soon. Not kidding. That is the exact shade I chose (have had it in the past, actually, many many moons ago). My husband's cousin will be doing the honors for me in a couple weeks. This will be the first time I've colored my hair in over ten years. A little scary, to be honest, but seeing your success story here gives me hope!

word verification: pretti
I seriously didn't make that up. How ironic.

Jamie Eyberg said...

Okay, that cover for Alex totally rocks. I want a copy with that cover, not that I would be able to read it in Indonesian. And, you make a very nice looking red.

Adrienne said...

Lydia - 1. I know, isn't it lovely?

2. It was great fun, but quite terrifying to do the first time. All these kids looking at you like you should know what you're talking about. Then you start talking . . .and it turns out you do! :)

3. Gorgeous, isn't it? (and thanks!)

4. I'm totally loving it now, though was a bit worried at first. Trust me, you'll love it too!

Jamie - isn't it awesome? I was stunned when I found it, I just happened to stumble upon it in a web search, had no idea the book was even out yet.

And thank you for the compliment!

Derek Molata said...

Love. The. Red. =)

Doreen McGettigan said...

The jewelry is spectacular and how nice of you to help with that! (lol).
I am a natural red head who dyed my hair blonde ever since I was very young..about 3 years ago went back to red and I love it!!