Monday, April 12, 2010

Link List from "Getting An Agent" Panel at Ad Astra

General Information:

Query Tracker “Who Reps Who”:

Excellent for verifying the legitimacy of agencies (remember, money flows TOWARDS the author – you do not pay to be repped):

Preditors and Editors:

Writer Beware:


Megan Crewe:

Adrienne Kress:

Gregory Wilson:


Bookends LLC -

Janet Reid -

Dystel and Goderich Literary Management -

Kristin Nelson -

Nathan Bransford -

Rachelle Gardener:

Agency Gatekeeper:

The Rejectionist:

Teresa Nielsen Hayden (editor):



“Questions to Ask Before Signing with an Agent”

Jenna Petersen’s Q&A for when you get an offer:

Neil Gaiman "Everything you wanted to know about Literary Agents":

Megan Crewe “The Publishing Connections Myth – Results”

Adrienne Kress: “So You Want to Get Published – Getting An Agent”, “So You Want to Get Published – From Agent to Publisher”

Other: & Backspaceexcellent writing forums

Backspace Conference NYC Pitch and Shop

Bakka Phoenix Book Store, the Merril and Reference Libraries in Toronto

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