Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday Roundup - on Thursday . . . ooh, different . . .

Yeah, so I kind of never lived up to my promise of those Friday Roundup link posts I said I'd do a couple weeks ago. Sorry about that. Add that to the New Year's resolution list (which is turning into a tome I have to say). And yes, technically it's not actually Friday, but I've got a full day tomorrow ahead of me (much eating of food, and watching of movies, you understand), so I thought I'd do tomorrow's post today. Because, why not?

So . . . here are a couple items I thought I'd share:

Top 10 Most Surprising Performances in Genre Film 2009 - an article what I wrote over at which I think is rather fun

We all know my interest in Gender in Publishing (see my blog post here), and here's a very well written, well thought out article on the subject by Julianna Baggott of the Washington Post: The Key to Literary Success? Be a Man - or Write Like One

Another new blog I've found for you industry lovers out there: S. Jae Jones - Editorial Assistant over at St. Martin's Press (she's also the lovely young lady responsible for advertising and answering any and all questions with regards to this whole "New Adult" concept they've come up with - see my blog on said subject here)

And because I am a sucker for cute cat youtube videos, here's one I just found, Whack a Kitty, and another classic, Ninja Cat - for those of you who've yet to experience their awesomeness.

Finally I want to wish you all a most happy new year's eve! Here's to 2010 and it's amazingness! And what the heck, here's to all of us and our amazingness too!


TwiceBorn said...

I was scrolling through your top ten performances article saying to myself, "Where is he? Where's Wikkus?" I'm so glad you put him at the top. He was amazing.

Erin said...

I really loved your "Top 10 Surprising Performances" article!

Adrienne said...

Thanks guys! I was really rather proud of that article.

And Twice - without a doubt. Just fantastic. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks it, I just wish the awards shows would realise that performances in genre film can be as profound and fantastic as in other film categories.