Friday, November 20, 2009

And we come to the end.

Yes folks, that's all she wrote. Well . . . no . . . I have way more to write about a good many things, but that's all she toured? Yes? I dunno.

Well whatever.

It's been: 5 days. 17 talks. Hundreds of kids. Endless rain.

And now it's over. This is my last night on the island, so it is time for reflection. . .

First the remaining schools need to be named:

George Bonner Middle School
Khowhemun Elementary
Cowichan Branch - Library
Vancouver Island University
Ecole Hammond Bay
Cilaire Elementary
Nanaimo Harbourfront Branch - Library
Ladysmith Intermediate School

Some observations:

The views from the schools on the island are far nicer than the ones in Toronto. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true:



The kids, as ever, as always, are totally awesome. In fact this whole trip would have been far far less entertaining without them. Doing the same presentation so many times becomes truly a mind over matter situation, but when you are doing it for different kids who are all at the same time totally enthusiastic, it makes it all so worthwhile.

And fun.

Lee Losell rocks. Lee organised the entire trip, made sure I had a nice comfy place to sleep, and drove me everywhere. In the rain. And over the Malahat. The man knows no fear. And his daughter is beyond adorable. Thank you so much for everything Lee! Here's a blurry picture of us, and no I'm not that short, he's just 6'5":

When the fire alarm goes off in your hotel at 1am you really do have to get up and go downstairs.

When you are on the island and the mother of the lovely Lesley Livingston is also on said island, it is important to meet for drinks. Thank you for coming all the way out in the rain Margo!

I owe Doug and Lynn Scott another thank you for loaning me their camera since I stupidly forgot mine at home. Thank you!

Though it's not like I am particularly physical doing my presentation, my body has totally broken down. My knee is now killing me, and my back, and my head. I don't know how teachers stand on their feet for so many hours a day. I bow down to you.

And the trees here are still very tall.

In all it was a truly lovely time, though very very mentally and physically exhausting. I am thrilled I got to do it, but I have to be honest, I'm glad it is over too. Not sure if I'll be able to do something like this again in the near future. Thank you to everyone on the island who has been so lovely and kind and supportive. You've made the experience that much more special. Thanks too of course to TD and The Canadian Children's Book Centre for having this book week in the first place.

And that's all for now. Will resume regular blogging next week.

Until then, enjoy the following pictures of trees:

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Kay Richardson said...

I read your blog today for the first time in yonkers. I do like your pix and life looks bonkers. Good stuff.