Sunday, August 10, 2008

ALEX out in paperback!

Yes my friends, we take yet another brief hiatus from "So you want to get published . . ." to announce something most exciting for yours truly . . .

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman is out in paperback! And I has seen it and held it in my very own hands!!

So to compare it to its big brother (on the left):

Front covers . . .

Back covers . . .


I think you'll agree that little brother more than holds his own.

And that he's very pretty.

At least I think so.

But I'm just a tiny bit biased.


Mary said...

Little Ted looks very pretty, indeed! Congrats, Adrienne. :)

Charles said...


The paperback has a sleek feel to it.

Holly Kennedy said...

They're both gorgeous, Adrienne!
You're allowed to be biased.
Hope you're having a great summer.

Catherine J Gardner said...

Ooh, congratulations. I love paperbacks.

Pink Ink said...

I brought home your book and my 12 year old daughter at first just gave it a cursory glance. But when she realized Alex is a girl, she gobbled it right up. My daughter says there's not enough books out there with cool girl protagonists.

Congrats on the paperback!

Melanie Avila said...


Adrienne said...

mary - thanks hon!

charles - very sleek, and I really like the matte vs shiny element going on.

holly - I guess I am aren't I! I am having a lovely summer, though I have to confess, fall is my favourite time of year so I am getting more and more excited as it approaches. Hope you are having a great summer too!

catherine - thank you! It's amazing how much easier the paperback is to handle.

pink ink - I'm glad she liked it, and tell her I agree with her (which is why I wrote it, lol!)!

melanie - thank you!

Welshcake said...

Looks good! Will the UK cover be the same?

Adrienne said...

Actually the UK paperback came out in May, and has the North American hardcover illustration on it. Here is the link to the listing for it: Alex and the Wigpowder Treasure

Ed Pahule said...


Anna Wermuth said...

Yay Adrienne! Very purdy.

Nailah Saida said...

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