Thursday, August 14, 2008

Timothy and the Dragon's Gate - we have an ARC!

Yes I am just bursting with news this week!!

Ladies and Gents let me introduce to you my ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of Timothy and the Dragon's Gate!

Ta- da!

(For those of you not in the know, an ARC is what publishers send out several months before the book is actually published to garner reviews, blurbs and hopefully a bit of buzz. Last year I got so excited about my ARC for Alex that I just had to give it a name. I chose Ted.)

I am very happy to say, that along with my page proofs, I am just as thrilled to have the Timothy ARC as I was with Ted. It's a truly amazing feeling seeing your words bound together like a real life book and with such a stunning cover - which is the official cover by the way. You'll note there have been a few tweaks.

I also enjoy carrying it around with me in my purse and showing it to random strangers. Because I have no shame.

Yes, I love my ARC. He is so pretty. He is so very book like. He makes me feel that my life is pretty darn okay. He's proof that I actually managed to write another book. I have two books. I have a series. Adrienne Kress is the author of a series. I can't quite believe it! Wow.

My ARC rocks.

So now. . .

Let me present to you . . .

In all his glory . . .

My ARC of Timothy and the Dragon's Gate!!

I think I shall call him Montgomery Van Murphy the Third.

The front cover of Montgomery Van Murphy the Third.

The back cover of Montgomery Van Murphy the Third.

The glorious spine (I have a thing for spines) of Montgomery Van Murphy the Third.

And here is Ted and Montgomery Van Murphy the Third meeting for the first time. They like each other.
(note - this is the actual original Ted, that ARC of Alex I carried around with me everywhere, you can see how worn he is!)

And the official cover of Timothy and the Dragon's Gate!


J M McDermott said...

This is very exciting.

Go you!

Charles said...


Catherine J Gardner said...


Adrienne said...

Thank you guys! It is very exciting indeed!!

Derek said...

Very nice!

Kathryn Magendie said...

These covers are gorgeous -compelling - very exciting indeed!


Chris "The 'Neer" Maryan said...


Melanie Avila said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

That is splendid! I'm so happy for you!


Adrienne said...

Thanks again all for the support!!

Prince Balthazar said...

Adrienne, you are hilarious. The ARC looks beautiful. Can't wait to pick up a copy. I really enjoyed Alex.

I hope one day I can squee over the same type of thing.

Also, I've followed your blog for a while, and really related to your surprise that you actually finished your first novel and got it sold.

So now, what was it like tackling the second one? Did you have self doubts? Any moments of complete freak-out? Just curious.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Woo-hoo!! Congrats!! Yes, ARC's are very exciting. The book looks AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

So that's the second book, I was looking for it (And the title) everywhere, and it looks cool!

Amy Mullis said...

What wonderful news--I'm already a fan and you just keep getting better. (Really it's not fair to the rest of us.) Congratulations!

Jandroos said...

Cool! Congrats.

Chumplet said...

Super Duper Cool, Adrienne! The design meshes well with your first book. I can't wait to read it, and I'm sure my niece will also enjoy it (after I'm done with it, of course!)

kap said...

They both look great. Congratulations.

Nailah Saida said...

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