Monday, May 12, 2008

My Publisher

Another short post folks. I really should be in bed actually, have an early call for rehearsal before we open with our first show at 1pm. Still . . .

Thought this was cool.

As many of you will know my American publishers are Weinstein Books. Despite the fact that they used to be Miramax Books for quite some time, technically they are a very new company. So for the last several months their website, while informative, has been a little . . .shall we say . . . on the skimpy side.

Well it would seem that is no longer the case. I just checked it out, and they have an absolutely beautiful site up and running now, and of course featuring yours truly!

I will also add to this post that the release date for Timothy and the Dragon's Gate has been moved to January 13, 2009 (though it will probably be available in December - yay weird book industry weirdness). I am pretty happy with this change as it allows me a bit more breathing room with the edits for one thing, and for another, I don't much like the idea of my amazing work being upstaged by something as slight as this election thing going on south of the border. . .

Lastly, for anyone who has just been dying of curiosity over what exactly Timothy is about, there is an excellent summary of the story over at the new Weinstein website. If you are interested, do check it out here!

Sorry again for my poor blogging habits folks! I'll try to do better once the show is over. In the meantime wish me break a leg for tomorrow! (yes I've done the show twice before, but it's always a little different and we are in a new theatre)


Welshcake said...

Hi Adrienne

What a great summary of Timothy, he sounds fabulous! Good that you have a bit more time for those edits, too.

Catherine J Gardner said...

I almost typed something other than 'break a leg' - gulp!

I have so many books to read the delay of Timothy is probably a blessing - plus what a great way for you to start the new year.

Nik's Blog said...

Timothy sounds marvellous! Looking forward to it reaching these shores.

Nik x

Marian said...

I'm thinking of Mr Shen as an Oriental dragon, which makes a nice change. And the story sounds fascinating too. :)

Devon Ellington said...

Have a great show.

ORION said...

I have three copies preordered from amazon and now I am bummed LOL!!!!
YOur new website is wonderful!!!

slhastings said...

Hey Adrienne-

Your site looks great! And your books look awesome on the Weinstein Site. (Great art...and nice flash).

Looking forward to reading Timothy...


Adrienne said...

welshcake - thanks so much! I do hope people like him, he's a bit different than Alex.

catherine - it'll be an awesome start to 2009 to be sure, though technically it will be in bookstores in December.

nik - yeah, not sure when it is out in the UK, maybe February. I'll keep you all posted!

Marian - he is indeed. Chinese to be precise. I did a fair bit of research on Chinese dragons, really interesting stuff! And thanks for the compliment!

devon - thank you, it went very well actually!

ORION - lol! Oh hon! I am sorry. I got an email from someone who saw the new release date and wasn't sure what to tell her niece that she would have to wait longer. It is hugely flattering and sad at the same time!

slhastings - thanks hon! And yes, isn't the Weinstein site great? Love the flash too.

Nik's Blog said...

Make sure you do, missy! There's much anticipation over here!

Nik ;)