Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Pass Proofs

It's amazing how time passes and things become habit and that which once was terribly exciting can become old hat.


I have to say it was pretty darn awesome to receive my first pass pages of Timothy today.

For those not in the know, or who haven't combed through my archives (and why haven't you and shame on you for not reading all my glorious posts) and read my explanation from last year, first pass proofs are printed pages of your manuscript in the cool sexy final font, organised as if it were the final book, with cover page, copyright page and in this instance a page that says, "Books By Adrienne Kress" with Alex being listed:

That is totally wicked awesome. I am the author of not one, but TWO books, and I have a list to prove it! Okay it's a list of one other book, but it's still a list. I also love the font Weinstein Books uses, it's all romantic old booky looking.

And it's times like these that you remember just how lucky you are, and how crazy that it is that you are an author, a real live author. And, in your cheesy way, you take a picture of your first pass pages.

I don't know if I will always feel this way, if the feeling will diminish. Certainly certain things aren't as exciting as they once were. Book signings are fun, but less incredible, less - OMG why do these people want my autograph? Meeting authors is still totally awesome, but more the norm than a singular event. Going to conventions still gives me butterflies, but I now know what to expect.

Well who knows. Can't predict future feelings.

All I know is that right now the feeling looking at these pages is just as fresh as it was this time last year.

And I'm glad for that.


Catherine J Gardner said...

A continued congratulations.

djpaterson said...

With all the effort and hard work that goes into writing a book, that feeling when you see those first pass proofs must always be as good! Congrats - can't wait.