Monday, January 28, 2008

My Place Card

Okay, some of you have already pointed out that Timothy is up on Amazon (and thank you my fab readers for doing so, because if it weren't for you I wouldn't have known!) .

So I thought I might as well share the cover of the book with you, seeing as you can see it easily there. However, you should know that this isn't the finished cover, more of a place card while my publishers and the artist do some more stuff to it. To be honest I have no idea if the final cover will look like this, or in a completely different style.

Nonetheless, it is kind of interesting to see the evolution of a cover. And normally I wouldn't post a first version because I consider creating visual art just as personal a process as creating any other kind of art, and I know as an author I wouldn't want my rough draft posted for the world to see. But because Amazon has posted this version of the cover, it gives us the chance to see how a cover will change and stuff. Which I think is pretty cool.

So for all and sundry . . . here is the totally gorgeous current incarnation of the cover for Timothy and the Dragon's Gate (made fabulous as ever by the amazing John Rocco - who just won the 2007 Original Voices award for picture books I hasten to add):


Breka said...

It looks excellent!

I know your post asking for questions was a while ago, but if you're in search for a topic I'd love to hear your thoughts on how your writing affects your acting and vice-versa.

Anonymous said...


JMM (aka Jordan)

NiennaC said...

It's wonderful. It'll be interesting to see what the finished cover is then - I thought this one was it.

Thanks for posting!

Heidi the Hick said...

All four of us are gathered around the ol laptop- a rare occurrence that we're all home at 9:30 at night, and oh so very cozy, it's like being around the fireplace only not as warm-- and we all agree that it's an awesome cover... and we are really looking forward to the new book! (No pressure. Whenever you're ready.)

This is really exciting!!!

Jenn Hollowell said...

This is great! You're so lucky to be working with such a talented artist! :)

Nik's Blog said...

Ooh it looks lovely, Adrienne. Wonderful!


Adrienne said...

Thanks guys!

breka - thanks for the blog post suggestion, I will totally write that entry soon!

Jordan - isn't it though?

niennac - I thought this was it too, but my publisher is telling me they are doing stuff to it. So who knows!

heidi - aw, that is so cool! I love bringing families together . . .lol! No pressure here at all . . .gulp . . .

jean - yes I am SO lucky to have John Rocco doing my cover art, he's brilliant!

nik - thanks hon!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, it looks extremely fabulous! As does the book, obvi.

- Madeleine (whom you met in the city, as opposed to all those other Madeleines who want to meet you but CAN'T! Suckers.)

LindaBudz said...

Love. It. And ... how cool that they have "Author of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman" at the bottom. You must love that. Yea!!!

Catherine J Gardner / Phoenix Rendell said...

Congrats Adrienne - fab cover. Roll on the release date. Cate :)

Paul said...

That looks awesome. Alex (my Alex) is really looking forward to the next installment. She won't stop talking about it, I think its beginning to drive her own Mr. Underwood crazy.

Adrienne said...

Madeleine - hey there hon! Glad you like it! And I in turn feel pity for any of those other Adriennes who didn't get to hang out with this Madeleine for coffee! Had a blast hon! Anytime you are in Toronto drop me a line (you get a cell phone yet?)

linda - that was the very first thing I noticed! Isn't it awesome! That's the best part of the whole thing I think!

Cate - thanks! Roll on the release date, but not too quickly, must get my edits done first (once I get them)!

paul - that is totally awesome! I hope she likes book two and Timothy just as much. But tell her not to worry, Alex is pretty awesome in the next one too!

Chumplet said...

It has the same flavour of Alex, keeping the brand going. I like the look of that cheeky boy!

Adrienne said...

chumplet - yes that's why I like this version too (I say version, because as I already commented I have no idea what they are doing to it at the moment)!

And yes, Timothy is a very cheeky boy. "Too smart for his own good" is how I describe him. He's fabulous. (if I do say so myself ;) )