Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Interview

Hey all!

Quick post today. I was interviewed over at
the blog of author Auria Cortes. If you feel so inclined, please have a quick peek, and if you feel even more so inclined, maybe post a comment or two over at her blog!

Thank you so much for the lovely interview Auria, your questions were very interesting, and good fun to answer!


Nichola said...

I had a look!

I also sent something pleasant to your email inbox...;)

ORION said...

Great interview.
Hey aloha Nichola!

Holly Kennedy said...

Wonderful interview!

P.S. I received the book you sent for the silence auction today. Consider yourself hugged.

Holly Kennedy said...

I MEANT "silent"
Stupid keyboard!!!

Adrienne said...

Thanks guys!

(Holly, so glad you got it and in plenty of time too! Let me know how it goes!)

~Nancy said...

I saw the interview and had to come right over (I post as JerseyGirl1962 on the AW forums, BTW).

Roald Dahl was one of my favorites growing up. I can't tell you how many times I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and all of his other wonderful, icky stories.

Then I read you liked A. A. Milne (who doesn't like Winnie the Pooh? And Eeyore?)

And you liked Alice in Wonderland, too.

All faves.

So I have your book on my Amazon wish list (although I'll probably go to a local bookstore to pick it up). It really sounds like something up my alley (oh, and I have all of the Harry Potters except the last one; just waiting for it to come out in paperback).

Nailah Saida said...

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