Friday, September 21, 2007

A Really Lovely Review

Just wanted to link everyone to a really lovely, and well written, review over at written by Alice Loweecey (who is an author in her own right). So check it out: Review

And also if you are in the mood here's another good one at Amazon.

People may not always see it, but there is a real skill required to writing reviews. Many just summarise the novel without offering an opinion, or others just offer up opinion and you have no idea what the book is about. And some people just don't know how to string a sentence together. These two ladies not only get it right, they manage to do it in a relatively concise and clever manner (and they like my book, which is simply a mark of their excellent good taste!).

Props ladies, serious props.


Nik's Blog said...

What a great pair of reviews. Looking forward to reading it myself.


LindaBudz said...

Wow, those reviews are mahvelous, dahling! Can't wait to read my very own copy!!

Lisa R said...

Really nice reviews both of them. I'm so glad you are getting positive feedback. Congratulations and I'm thrilled to learn this is going to be a series...even if it does sound mysterious.

Adrienne said...

They are lovely aren't they? And really well written. Like I said before, not so easy to do, writing reviews.

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