Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Die halsüberkopfundkragendramatischabenteuerliche Katastrophenexpedition der Alex Morningside


Nothing more needs to be said.


thenovicewriter said...

Hehe, I like! But the American cover is still my favorite...

Doug A Scott said...

Oh, man! I think I thprained my tongue!

Kiskadee said...

Again, let me translate:

"The head-over-heels-and-collar dramatically adventurous catastrophic expedition of Alex Morgenside"

I love it that the bottom line is printed upside down! Just fantastic! Congratulations on such an imaginative Germanpublisher - doesn;t always happen! Who are they, by the way?

Northern Creative said...

i am disturbed by the guy wearing a PVC blindfold. It does make me want to read this though....

Heidi the Hick said...


My german is not good. I can only get a little bit of Pennsylvania Dutch, which is only vaguely German...but I think I got the idea here!

The translation is helpful, thanks!

Linda D. (sbk) said...

Wow! It looks fantastic!

Mary said...

W O W !

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Das goot.

That Alex is a charmer in any language.

Loved meeting you at Backspace & BEA.

Anonymous said...

I ADORE this!

Tish Cohen

Erin said...

Can I just say, you get the most fun covers EVER!!

J M McDermott said...

also, an interesting aside about the language of german, the article "die" (the) is in the feminine case. you see, despite the massively awesome compound word, the gender of the word will come from the very last noun in the word. "Expedition" (the German word for "expedition") has the feminine "die".

compound words being slammed together into one word is a very common thing auf Deutsch.

i don't think your book is going to win the longest german word contest, adrienne. there's a fishing company in the north sea that has you beat.

Here's an example of a long word that is - supposedly, though I have never heard it - technically in "everyday use":

"beef labeling regulation & delegation of supervision law"


Adrienne said...

Thank you all for your comments as usual!

thenovicewriter - I just love how different countries come up with such different covers, and yet there are still small similarities

doug - I should have warned you to warm up first, sorry!

kiskadee - many thanks for the translation. And I adore that the bottom line is upside down too (my publisher is Arena)

northern creative - long time no see! You will be happy it is actually black silk, and if you look very closely you'll see his hands are made of wood . . . all I"m saying.

heidi - well you are doing better than me, no German at all (though I have lived with several)!

linda - thanks! It does, doesn't it!?

mary - W O W indeed

carolyn - and totally ditto! Have you had a chance to read it yet?

tish - me too!

erin - I am indeed lucky. And what is great is I feel no compunction showing them off as I am just as impressed as anyone else, after all I didn't design or paint the covers, so I too can just sit back and be a fan!

JMM - interesting points. But, I wonder, is it the longest word in a children's book title? Hmm . . . I may have to investigate . . .

Dawn said...

Our little Ted now has a German accent! This is so wonderful, Adrienne. Big congratulations to you and give Ted a little chuck under the chin! That cover looks brilliant.

J M McDermott said...

Here's something to kerfluffle the masses:


Maprilynne said...

That is so fekking awesome!!! (and thanks for the translation, Sharon!)

J M McDermott said...

just to let you know, after not a whole lot of research (but enough to make me feel confident in saying this):

Yes. That is the longest word in german children's literature titles.

Congratulations. Have some strudel.

Graham said...

I did the artwork for the cover of the German edition. It was fun job, Great story.

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