Thursday, June 14, 2007

And the winner is . . .

After careful deliberation (and seriously debating holding another contest where everyone chooses their favourite contest suggested so far), I have come up with two, count 'em, two winners.

I thought it would be nice to have one for the kids, and one for the grown ups. So, the winners of a brand spanking new ARC of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman are . . . .

Mary - for her dress up your favourite toy as a pirate (any toy, from doll to espresso machine) idea!
Because putting up these pictures would be friggin hilarious.


Talia Mana - for her create an Ironic Gentleman cocktail idea!
Because cocktails are yummy and an Ironic Gentleman cocktail, I would imagine, doubly so.

I know every contest holder says the same thing, that it was a difficult choice, but you guys seriously did not make this easy. I tried to give myself the simplest of tasks by making it a contest for you guys to come up with a contest, but it totally backfired on me! All the ideas were brilliant, and really coming to any sort of decision was painful. I forgot how much I hate making decisions. Kind of silly of me to hold a contest really.

But there you have it!

Thank you all so much for participating, seriously. After all there would be no contest without people actually participating. If anyone is utterly desperate for an ARC (and if they are, dude, thanks, that's totally flattering), there is yet another copy of one on ebay. This time of the American version (they call it "Alex and the Iron Gentleman", I like it, has a nice ring to it . . .): ebay American ARC

As for the winners, could you guys please click on the little "Adrienne Kress's Email" link at the top of my blog and send me your mailing addresses with your full names please?

Congrats again to the winners! And boo-urns to the losers. I am very sorry that I couldn't send you each an ARC, that would have been very Oprah of me wouldn't it? "You get an ARC! And you get an ARC! . . . "

But alas, I am not Oprah. Nor Ellen. Not even Dr. Phil, though my bald head does confuse some people. All I can offer you is my love.

And of course two ARCs to the winners. Because, you know, they won.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!

The rest of us shall just have to be patient... sigh.

In the meantime, I'm buying stock in Captain Morgan's, waiting for the next contest to be announced.

Welshcake said...

Well done to the winners! You're in for a treat.

Crabby - you can have my ARC but only if you send me a treasure chest of pirate's gold, personally delivered by Johnny Depp in full pirate costume.

Mary said...

I'm thrilled to bits!

And congratulations to the other winner!

Dawn said...

Congratulations to Talia (who is a fellow kiwi) and Mary. Great ideas! In fact, with all the ideas we came up with, Adrienne will be able to run yearly contests forever!

J M McDermott said...

my ARCs will be much easier to win:

send me a bottle of maker's mark whiskey, and you will win the contest.

congrats to all your winners.

Emily said...

We, at the Weinstein Books office, have a few boxes of those beautiful "Teds" that we'd be more than happy to add to this cause. Let's coordinate!

Talia Mana said...

Me Me Me!!! I'm so excited, and looking forward to phase 2 - the creation and testing of the cocktail!

Thanks Dawn for telling me about the competition and to Adrienne for her fine love of cocktails.