Wednesday, September 13, 2006


While I wait on my edits from my editor and as such more fodder for this blog, I am going to ask my limited readership for some advice:

What are some of your favourite titles?


If you are a writer, how do you come up with your titles?

This may or may not have to do with the fact that I don't actually have a name for my brilliant opus, and I am going a bit insane trying to think of one. So I thought I would steal from ya'll.

Thank you.

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Northern Creative said...

Jean Claude Van Itallia is my favorite playwrite - well one of them anyway. He titles his pieces 'American Hurrah' , 'Eat Cake', 'Bad Lady' etc. I like simple but effective and my plays are often titled like this.

What is the book about? Could part of the synopsis be used - 'ie the curious incident of the dog in the night time'?

Are there any places that are signigicant? ie 'The Island'

Would one of the Character's names work - ie 'Tom's midnight Garden'?

What has the working title been?