Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Crazy

So here's something that's a bit crazy. Okay only to me crazy, not to famous authors who are used to this sort of stuff obviously. But this is my first book, and everything to me seems to fall under this category. So crazy is being published in the first place. Crazy is suddenly being an author when you have spent your life devoted to acting. And crazy, well crazy is most definitely having your book translated into Italian.


Yes, ladies and gents, the temping actress who also writes's wonderful agent Julia, and Julia's equally wonderful co-worker Emma, have sold my book to a publishing house in Italy. Who knew I had this special bond with the Italians? (though I suppose my old housemate Caterina, could have testified to that) Well at any rate, my book, my little book, which may I remind you I wrote on this little laptop in my little house to pass a little time, is going to be translated into a different language - a language I do not speak one bit, in a country I adore, but that is completely foreign to me.

And like, I mean, dude. What could be crazier than that?

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