Friday, March 03, 2006

My Wonderful Temp Job

Today I write to you from an actual temp job (hence fulfilling the initial mandate of this blog), one which I visit frequently and enjoy highly.

The reason I like it is not only are the people very nice (would you believe on my walk to work I lost the heel of my shoe and, upon telling my fellow receptionists of the tragedy, one offered to take it and have it fixed when she went to pick up her shoes at the cobblers?!), and the atmosphere is relaxed, and I know what I'm doing having worked here several times before, but best of all I get to pretend I am a secretary from the 1950's.

I sit with three other receptionists at a large curved desk in the lobby of a large curved business that employs several hundred large curved employees (actually I lie about the latter two as the business is a massive square building surrounded by other massive square buildings, and not a single person employed here looks anything other than a model - very frustrating to be sure). We answer phones and politely put them through to various extensions. And we sign in visitors and book board rooms.

And that's it.

Other than that we gossip and laugh, and wave to employees as they walk through the lobby, and it all feels just so retro.

And you wouldn't have thought it could get any better. But it did. You see, the best thing happened yesterday. As per my request, one of my colleagues leant me ... wait for it ... an emery board! Yes dear readers, believe it or not, your lovely blogger actually sat there, in true receptionist style, one leg crossed over the other, and filed her nails.

And what, my dear invisible readers, could be more fantabulous than that?


Anonymous said...

I can just picture you sitting there with an emery board. That is so cool.


Anonymous said...

Well, I feel I must point out to you, Adrienne, that since everyone who works there doesn't look like anything less than a super model, you too, just happen to look like a super model. That's why you fit in! And, yes, I'm being entirely serious.