Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Friends

Does anyone have such friends?

I cannot imagine that anyone has friends like I do. I can't think how it is possible, because if everyone had friends like mine then this world would be populated by none but the smartest, funniest, bravest, most talented, most giving, and most beautiful of people. And I can't sufficiently describe to you how wonderful they are because you would think I was generalizing, that I was trotting out all those general compliments one uses to make someone feel better.

* But by smart I mean studying PhD's smart (whether or not they are actually pursuing said degree).

* And by funny, I mean unique, roll on the floor laughing till your sides hurt, funny.

* By brave I mean not only smiling through great adversity, but singing and dancing and drumming.
* By talented I mean able to create and perform works of art to the most professional and inspirational of standards.
* By giving, I mean choosing to help others as your vocation.
* And by most beautiful - aside from souls, I mean superficially hot, sexy, ladies and gents who just seem to be blessed with all the correct proportions.

I do not exaggerate. Not one tiny bit. And what is the most shocking, the thing that would drive you running into the mountains babbling nonsensical rubbish with a drooble of spittle running out of the side of your mouth, is that my friends, all of my friends, possess each of these qualities in various measures.

A little poem in honour of their magnificence:

I would love to share with you all
how much my friends totally rock
but it just isn't possible as
I'm afraid you'd die of the shock

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwww---right back at you GIRL!
xoxoxo, lis