Monday, March 04, 2013

I Have Returned!

And the internet breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Or, you know, didn't realise I'd taken a break in the first place ;) .

But yup, I did, I took quite the break as you can tell from the below post which was about my book launch early December.  It was nice to do so, and I'm glad I did it.  Taking a break from something allows you to miss it!

And, yes, I have missed blogging :) .

I have several interesting things to share with you, stuff has happened over the past several months, and there may or may not be a new book coming out from yours truly in the early summer maybe.  But I'll be posting on all such news in the coming days/weeks (I am nothing, if not a tease).  Today is more for me just to say hi, it's good to be back etc.

Though, I do have one most important thing to share with you all . . .

I cut my hair.


I know.  Stop the presses.

But I haven't cut my hair short since I was 14 and it was a rather traumatic experience I must say.  Though ultimately it was also amazing.  It's weird, I never thought I particularly identified myself by my hair.  It wasn't like I ever did anything particularly crazy with it or anything.  But after cutting it I realised just how much I subconsciously had.  It's silly, but something as innocuous as cutting one's hair (and, not sure if you heard, but hair?  It totally grows back) can be a pretty huge emotional experience.  It wasn't like I went all pixie haircut either.  Didn't pull an Anne Hathaway (though, if I ever cut my hair that short, you'd better believe I'll be singing as it happens like she did).  Still.  Emotions were felt, my friends.  Emotions were felt.

Here is a photo diary of the experience:

Waiting at the salon - Salon Bespoke in Toronto

"Well hair, this is it."

". . . that happened."

And there it all is.  In a baggie.  And no, not for a keepsake, I donated my hair to Wigs For Kids.

And the final result. . .

Being an actor I then had to immediately get new headshots (yes, it makes any decisions about changing one's look delightfully more complicated :P ) so here's the oh so serious fancy picture (that I instagrammed a bit for fun . . . or maybe because I have a serious instagram addiction . . . )

And that is the story about cutting my hair.

The end.

ALSO . . . did you know the fox was the new owl??  (because evidently animal trends are a thing)  This is a big deal for yours truly because as a pre-teen I was OBSESSED with foxes.  While my friends had pictures of boy bands covering their walls, I had foxes.  Yup.  Should I have admitted that? . . . you know I don't see how that's any more embarrassing than boy band pictures if I think about it so I admit it with pride!

Anyway, it's brought back the 11 year old Adrienne and I've had such fun surfing the net and looking at all the pointless (but AMAZING) chatchkas out there one can buy that are fox like.  And I stumbled on this print and I think it's wonderful, and wanted to share.  I know little about the artist aside that their handle is cat_using_a_computer.  I think it's just lovely, it has a very whimsical British feel.  Enjoy!

That's it for now!  We have some pretty cool stuff coming up this week, an interview with an amazing prop maker for some major films who also in his spare time makes the coolest iPhone steampunk cases for Steampunk Tuesday, details about my new book . . .  and more!  

Stay tuned!  Same bat time, same bat channel!


Haneen I. Adam said...

Hiii Adrienne! Welcome back! I have to say your blog on the sidebar of my blog was kindda feeling lonely since your last post LAST year, but Yuppy your back.
I like your new hair cut, I think change is good, to the positive side I mean, no matter how small it will make us feel good, but since a haircut is that huge for you it's even better :)
And Oh My! I used to love foxes too when was a little girl, I really loved the picture books where the story has a fox in it. that pic you have is really something and I like :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you! I'm so sorry about the length of the break, but I kind of needed it. The good thing is I now feel really rejuvenated and excited to be back :) .

I'm glad you like my hair, thank you! And yeah, it's a weirdly huge thing for me, but even if it wasn't, like you said, small changes can still make you feel good.

Yay foxes!

Taurean Watkins said...

Welcome back!

Hey, If it makes you feel any better, I've been away from my blog WAY longer than you, though you have more going on professionally than I do.

For me, personal stuff exploded back in December, and January was mostly about picking up the pieces and revamping my routine, and what progress I started to make got derailed in February when I got hit with a bad cold.

So, in hindsight it was good I left my blog for awhile, otherwise I'd have bored my regulars.

I'm better off leaving and coming back strong than overstay my welcome, virtually speaking.

I'm trying to get into the habit of writing blog posts in advance so I'm not leaving it abandoned too long.

Oh, and like you I have a thing with foxes, though I never had posters on my walls, I like collecting cute or striking animal-themed knickknacks.

I'm writing (off and on) a story about a fox.

As you may remember from time we shared on AW's forums, I have this thing about telling stories with misunderstood animals.

I'm also really partial to wolves, as my various avatar photos can attest, and I can't tell you how much I want to write a non-paranormal story about wolves.

Ever since I learned some interesting factoids about how aggressive and lethal dolphins can be (Cute as they are), it only stands to reason there are charming even noble traits of creatures that at times can be scary, or just a nuisance to farmers and backyard gardeners everywhere, right?

Anyway, take care

Taurean (C.J. Rockwell)