Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Steampunk Tuesday - Adrienne's Steampunk Photoshoot Part Deux

I already posted the spontaneous photoshoot pics I took a while ago, but here and now I can finally share with you some of the professional photos I had taken so I had some I could use for various Steampunk events etc.

They turned out amazing, and it's all down to the fantastic Tanja Tiziana - a professional photographer here in Toronto.  She was creative and hilarious and totally understood the look I was going for.  Her work is fantastic - check it out at her site here.

We had a lot of fun playing with costumes and props, as well as lighting, hair and makeup, it was an all day affair.  And here is the end result! I really think they are pretty sweet (click on pics for larger versions):

I shared this chair on this blog before: it's at late 19th century music hall chair. Underneath there is a wire frame where you can store your top hat :) .

Poll time:  of the two above, which do people prefer, smiling or not smiling?

And . . . close-up of the same shot.

Me with a very large Steampunk gun.  Courtesy of Mr. Adam Smith.

Now a pair of fun shots.

Made this one look oldy-timey!  Aka: Sepia

Me as an anime character? The Giant Eye picture.  Took a while to place the magnifying glass just so, but well worth the effort I think :) .


August said...

These turned out great!

I'm going to go with not smiling.

Jess said...

They're all fantastic!

W.H. Lock said...

The first two, actually.

Chris Reed said...

Wonderful shots.

My vote for the shot that screams "literary creator" most loudly: the one of you not smiling.

Charles said...

Great shots.

I pick not smiling!

Laura Duncanson said...

Hah! They're awesome! I liked the last one especially
Loie xo

Anonymous said...

Wow. AND she's photogenic.