Monday, April 30, 2012


I get back from my trip to London, England, and I find the most glorious welcome home present EVER waiting for me!

Yes, THE FRIDAY SOCIETY ARCs have arrived, and they is soooo pretty!

They made me burst out into song.

For those of you familiar with ALEX AND THE IRONIC GENTLEMAN, said song was "Jack", which as you know is one of the more complex and nuanced of the songs in that book.  Of course, wherever there was a "Jack", I replaced it with "ARC".  Thus:


And so on.

I call this new song: ARC.

And now, of course, it's time for show and tell!

Just so you get a sense once again of Greg Stadnyk's fabulous design work, here is the front, spine and back cover for the ARC as seen as one full image:

Isn't it just amazing??  I'm not sure how he managed to compile so many different elements on one cover and not make it look too overwhelmed or busy, but . . . he did.


Here are all the ARCs together.  You will notice they were tied in a pretty blue ribbon.  Because a pretty blue ribbon makes everything that much more special:

Now here is the back.

And here is the spine.

And here is a peek at the inside . . . Part 1 to be precise. 

 See all those pages???  That's a hefty book my friend.  A hefty book indeed.

Oh are you oh so excited???  Because I am!!!  I use triple question marks AND exclamation marks!!!

As always I have to thank everyone at Dial for their enthusiasm and general awesome-ness in putting together such a gorgeous object with such lovely attention to detail.  Specifically, as ever, my editor Nancy Conescu who just plain rocks.




Woods said...

Oh how I would love to get my hands on one of those ARCs. . .

Avery Moore said...

I second that... It's still such a long time before the book is released (way too long)!

Lady Lilleigh said...

It's a good thing we can't actually DIE from suspense, or the body count from anticipating this book would be ENORMOUS!!!! ...And I agree, pretty ribbons make everything so much more special. ;D

Scarlett said...

All previous comments are hereby seconded, thirded, and fourthed! Such a gorgeous cover! I can't wait to see what adventures it holds inside!!!

busybookbee said...

I would also love to get an ARC. and love the cover too!

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