Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Steampunk Tuesday - Lady Lilleigh's Little Luxuries: Affordable Steampunk Accessories for the Discerning Consumer

It may or may be just a wee bit obvious by my posts on this blog that I happen to know some incredibly talented people.  I'm not sure how I lucked out in this way, but I have and I am not going to question it.

And for today's Steampunk Tuesday I would like to feature a friend who is also a Steampunk jewelry maker of truly gorgeous unique pieces. What I love about her and her work is the fun she clearly has in putting her pieces together, how much pride she takes in her pieces, and the joy she derives from a challenge. 

May I present to you Kristie St-Martin aka Lady Lilleigh.

(FYI: she has also come up with a spectacular piece specifically designed for a contest I'm going to be running for THE FRIDAY SOCIETY extremely soon.  But I can't tell you about any of that yet because I'm mean.)

Here's a little interview I did with her, along with some pictures of her work.  Also, if you are interested in her stuff (and why wouldn't you be), she is very easy to find as she is all over the interwebs:

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LadyLilleigh

Website: http://ladylilleigh.myshopify.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lady-Lilleighs-Little-Luxuries/306654386020888

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LadyLilleigh

*When and why did you start making jewelry?

I started making jewelry in 2009. It was my first foray into both jewelry making and Steampunk. I had seen many other talented artisans creating Steampunk items, but was disappointed that most of the time, I was unable to afford those 'little luxuries'. My husband, the talented author, Rob St. Martin (no bias), had just started his new series in the Steampunk genre and encouraged me to create my own Steampunk accessories instead of buying them. I thought that it was a bit sad for those who were 'artistically disinclined' to not have the option of affordable Steampunk bits and bobs, so I took it a step farther and created Lady Lilleigh's Little Luxuries: Affordable Steampunk Accessories for the Discerning Consumer

*What interests you about the Steampunk Aesthetic?

I love the originality of Steampunk. At every convention I attend, I see someone who has taken Steampunk creativity one step farther - it's a constant adventure of discovery!

*When did/how did you discover Steampunk?

I've loved Steampunk since I was a little kid, I just didn't know it was called Steampunk yet! I always loved the stories of Jules Verne and I've always been addicted to the fashions of the Victorian era (especially the shoes!). Back in 1985, I saw the movie Young Sherlock Holmes and from that point on, was completely smitten with Steampunk.

*What's one of your favourite items you've designed?

Ooh, that's a tough one. I LOVE commissions. Creating something unique to an individual is very rewarding. I also think any of the items I create with one of a kind scrap parts are my favorite. I LOVE the challenge of turning old discarded items into reclaimed 'luxuries'.

*What's your proudest moment as a designer?

When someone comes to see me at a convention to show off the item they bought from me in previous years. I guarantee all my work, so if there is ever a problem with an item, I'll repair it or if it's irreparable, I'll replace it with a similar item. It's so important for me as a designer to see my customers happy with their purchase.

*What Steampunk article that you own but didn't design is your fav?

My Steampunk corset, hands-down! I got it from this amazing retailer, DragonCorsets.com.

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