Friday, October 07, 2011

Singer/Songwriter Liz Jaremyn

So you might have noticed I didn't post for the last two days.  It was a matter of priorities see, I really really had to get my edits done, and so I had a bit of tunnel vision.

But I am now out in the light!  And I thought, instead of doing a roundup of links today, that I would pretend it was Wednesday and share with you all yet some more amazing talent.

Today, it's Liz Jaremyn.

Liz Jaremyn.

Now.  Fair warning, I've known Liz since we were 11 years old, so I might be a little biased.  But I say only a little because I've been to arts schools all my life, I've known many incredible artists of all kinds, from visual arts to dancing to acting.  And I definitely have known many amazing singer songwriters.  And despite that all, Liz is still absolutely one of the tops in my estimation.

Me and Liz after she came to see my show last winter.

First off the girl's got talent.  Her lyrics are sincere, deep and wacky.  Her voice is beautiful and just hits you in the gut.  And she's got rockin' guitar skillz, man!  No.  Seriously, she does.

Second of all, the girl's got soul.  She's one of the kindest, most caring, most open and truly hilarious people I know (she's part of this small group of gals who make me laugh more than anybody out there).  Like most of us, she's gone through a lot in her life, but unlike many, she has not become bitter or jaded.  She lifts you up just to be near her.  And I truly believe her music does the same.

Here is her Facebook page.  Please "like" her.  (I'd rather you "love" her, or "adore" her, but Facebook is limited in this way).

And here's one of her songs:

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Jimbo G said...

Very right on the beautiful voice. I find nothing is better than a live performance (meaning there is no editing, no cleaning up or polishing of the performance). Thanks for sharing.