Friday, May 06, 2011

A couple cool "me" things . . .

Like the title suggests . . . here's a couple cool things about me that I've discovered recently.

First - Kirkus reviewed CORSETS & CLOCKWORK, and my story "The Clockwork Corset" got a nice special mention along with two other stories (yay!):

"The best stories are those that most closely adhere a fairly traditional definition of steampunk in manners, machinery and punk spirit, like Frewin Jones’ weirdly wonderful “The Cannibal Fiend of Rotherhithe,” with its half-mer cannibal heroine and a plucky boy who might be true love or just a snack; Adrienne Kress’ “The Clockwork Corset,” high romance with a spunky cross-dressing heroine; and Kiersten White’s excellent closing tale, “Tick, Tick, Boom,” whose narrator is a machinist and noble’s daughter who falls for an anarchist."

Next - Nathan, the French publisher of ALEX is re-releasing it as a mass market paperback. And they are doing it with a brand spanking new really fantastic cover.

Here is the cover:

Here is the artwork on its own (click on it to see it in larger detail - Giggles the cat makes me laugh out loud - lol, as it were):

And here are a couple sketches of the cover as a work in progress:

The latter images I discovered just by accident on the artist's blog: Le Grand Vrac! Check it out, he's got some amazing illustrations and images in general up.

Lastly - the Canadian Steampunk Exhibition has been getting some decent press around the net. I'm still working on putting my video together (or rather my awesome editor friend is working on the rough cut right now), but in the meantime check out these links covering the event (I'm even mentioned in the Torontoist!) - SPACE (Canada's SyFy channel), Studio 12 News - the event is covered at the 7:50 mark.


Angela Ackerman said...

Oh what a lovely cover. You must be so pleased.

Nice to find you via AW--I know I've read a bazillion posts by you, but never made it here to your blog! Woot, glad I found it!


kamagra said...

I have to say it surprised and delighted me! Such a fun romp through the skies with the crew of the merry widow.