Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Roundup

Here it is, your Friday roundup of what's going on around the net . . .

Author Adrienne Kress announces her return to blogging after a two and a half month hiatus with a GENIUS blog post about what it feels like to be in Limbo Land . . .

WriteOnCon was last week and here's a particularly interesting panel about Myths and Misconceptions regarding the publishing industry with agent Holly Root and editors Molly O'Neill and Martha Mihalick.

Agent Kristin Nelson shares with us her tale of an author behaving badly. I post this only to help make you feel superior in the knowledge that even if you are facing frustrating rejection from agents right now, at least you're not this guy. Unless of course you are. And in that case, dude, seriously, what were you thinking??

Agent Jessica Faust explains that while referrals can help get you through the door, in the end it's your work that matters most.

Agent Janet Reid explains why not all advice on the net is equal and that even good advice doesn't suit everyone.

Editor Reagan Arthur reminds us that editors can make mistakes.

SlushpileHell remains all kinds of awesome - check it out for your daily fix:

Agency Gatekeeper decries her love for books (as in printed and not e), and Ray Bradbury has strong opinions about the Kindle.

Finally -

The Huffington Post calls Toronto "The New Capital of Cool" (this has nothing to do with publishing, everything to do with my city).

And while I'm on the subject of my city, see Scott Pilgrim vs the World. It is a wonderful movie, absolutely ridiculous (and maybe a little short on depth), incredibly well made and hilarious. Please. See it. Let Hollywood know that we like original inventive clever film making. Otherwise they won't let us play with nice things . . .

Here's my Scott Pilgrim avatar:


The Jewel Age said...

im-pressive. remember my dad? bill chivil? he wanted you to sign a book for his daughter Adriana? well thats me. honestly i love em. and, now, loving the scott pilgrim photo. EPIC.

Kristi DeMeester said...

Slushpilehell is one of my all time favorite self-esteem boosters. Always good for a laugh and sigh.