Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Roundup

Sorry guys for the lack of posting. Back to doing crazy edits and so have been a bit remiss with the whole blogging thing.

Also back to writing very detailed film reviews which is equally as time consuming. If anyone's curious I reviewed "Alice in Wonderland" over at today.

More news. . . Timothy and the Dragon's Gate made the Ontario Library Association's Best Bets list for 2009 (yay)!

And now for a couple links, but not that many as I really haven't been surfing as much this week. I'll try to be better next week I promise.

From Jean Naggar (yes that would be the head of my new lit agency, though my agent is Jessica Regel): A really interesting article about how the role of editor these days has been moved onto the shoulders of agents - The Editorial Role: An Agent's View

Agent Jessica Faust defines some publishing terms for all of us (very useful).

And last but not least, you might have already seen this, but it's so worth seeing again. 3D sidewalk art. You absolutely must visit this link, your mind will be like totally blown man.


Inkygirl said...

Congrats! You've been been given the "One Lovely Blog Award." I've listed your site at:

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