Thursday, November 27, 2008

Romeo and Juliet - Tempest Theatre Group

Okay okay okay . . . I have been MIA . . . but again I have an awesome excuse! The production of Romeo and Juliet that I was co-directing (and playing Lady Capulet in), went up last week and while it was all consuming . . . it was totally awesome. I am now suffering a bit postpartum depression since it closed, but I thought I would post some pictures from the show to share with you all and maybe also help make me feel a little less sad!

We set the show in an Edwardian Music Hall (because we happened to be performing in an Edwardian Music Hall) - and we had just the most fantastic sets and costumes. The acting was terrific, the fights (as always) spectacular (we had an amazing gun that shot blanks and when it went off in a cloud of smoke and fire, literally, someone would scream in the audience every time). Even the dance in the party scene was just gorgeous, with Paris and Juliet dancing together, and the rest of the boys partnered with dresses.

Anyway, here are some pics from on stage and off . . .

Steven Burley as The MC (an amalgam of the Chorus, Prince, Apothecary, Servant, Friar John)

Me as Lady Capulet

Casey Hudecki played Juliet, but because she is also an awesome fighter, she was a boy in the opening brawl. This is her in her "boy costume" hugging some roses sent her by her significant other. Aw!

Lesley Livingston (the Nurse) hanging out in her makeshift dressing room, aka the shower. Don't she look purty!

Patrick Whalen (Paris) being punched by Luc Forgeron (Romeo), while Casey looks on.

Chris Sironi (left, Tybalt) and Scott Moyle (right as Benvolio), just chillin' by the sinks.

Luc at fight call practicing with the gun: "This shall determine that!"

Fight call on stage. Todd Campbell (left, Mercutio), Chris Sironi (Tybalt)

Death of Mercutio

Jonathan Llyr (left, Lord Capulet) and Patrick Whalen (Paris) watching fight call from the side.

Casey Hudecki (left still as boy) and Alex MacDonald (Balthasar - or as we liked to call him, Thasar) in the opening brawl.

Paris arresting Romeo in the tomb.

A nice picture of the stage just before the show starts. Yes, it is meant to look that disheveled.

The Prince and his kin - left to right: Patrick Whalen (Paris), Steven Burley (Prince), Todd Campbell (Mercutio)

Capulet Family - left to right: Me (Lady Capulet), Chris Sironi (Tybalt), Jonathan Llyr (Lord Capulet), Lesley Livingston (Nurse), Casey Hudecki (Juliet)

The boys - left to right: Scott Moyle (Benvolio), Luc Forgeron (Romeo), Todd Campbell (Mercutio), Alex MacDonald (Balthasar)

left to right: Louis Adams (Friar), Lesley Livingston (Nurse)

Most of the cast cozy together at the cast party - left to right: Stevie Baker (our gloriously fabulously sensational Stage Manager), Alex MacDonald, Lesley Livingston, Patrick Whalen, Luc Forgeron, Casey Hudecki, Chris Sironi, Me.

Me and a couple of my boys, Luc and Chris.


Anonymous said...

Ah, backstage photos... *snif!* I miss those days.

The best part of the show is hardly ever the part the audience sees.

:) Criss.

Marian said...

Looks like a great production. I'd have liked to see the Mercutio/Tybalt fight scene.

Adrienne said...

Criss - you are so right! My favourite part is the backstage antics. Oh the antics. And the interesting smells . . .

Marian - Thanks! And yes, it was a fantastic fight. Both guys are certified actor combatants with a group known as Fight Directors Canada. Todd is an instructor, and Chris is Advanced (and in Canada, it is much harder to get your advanced than in other countries, I would know, I certified in the UK). It was a great routine.