Friday, February 08, 2008

I have the best readers ever!

Okay, I don't know who it was, or even when it happened, but I have to say it really made my day when I checked out the Amazon listing for Timothy, and noticed that I had a sales rank!

For those not in the know, on Amazon it tells you where your book is in terms of sales. Alex for example is currently at 44,028 (the rank changes hourly and really reflects a general state of your books, it really isn't an exact science. If your book is in the top 1000, you are doing very well, in the tens of thousands, not bad, hundreds of thousands . . . well you get the idea).

But you only get a sales rank once someone buys your book (obviously). Until then there are no numbers. So if you see numbers, that means someone somewhere bought a copy of your book! And I see 747,446 over at Timothy!

So thank you to whomever bought my book! I feel very JK Rowling (obviously I'm on a JK Rowling kick this week) with all my pre sales. Or should I say, pre sale.

Silly, but it really made my day!


Doug A Scott said...


dentate said...

I just finished reading Alex to my 6 year old daughter, who was very disappointed that the story was ending (we read two or three chapters a night for several weeks). She was thrilled to hear about Timothy coming out so we have pre-ordered it at Amazon. We all especially loved the MakeCool 6000 and were very sad when Alex said good-bye to it. We hope to meet it again some day! Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It's not silly at all! I get excited whenever anyone adds my blog to their feed reader, and that's free and easily undone! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to know that there are people out there plunking down their money to read the words you worked so hard to get down. Actually, now that I think about it, it would probably be nerve-wracking, too. But exciting, definitely, and not at all silly.

P.S. I had to stop by because you were the only commenter brave enough to actually put your name on your comment over at The Rejector. In a sea of anonymous commenters, you stood out. :-)

Adrienne said...

dentate - well then I owe you a personal thank you! Honestly, it is so cool that you did that!

booklady - you are right, there is a bit of nerve wracking about the whole thing. But to be honest, the excitement tends to overshadow it. And don't put down the blog thing, I get so excited when I see someone new has visited. It's a thrill to be read in any incarnation!

re: the rejecter blog thing, yeah the anonymous thing over there can get a bit much, I think it's 'cause she posts controversial opinions sometimes, and people have controversial opinions in return.

Still, I do have issues with the anonymous thing. It gives people too much freedom to just say whatever they want without taking responsibility for the words they choose. I have read some really offensive things posted by anonymous writers (not here though, here the posters rock).

Commenting as myself makes me have to think about what I am going to say, and how to phrase it. It keeps me polite and reasonable. Kind of wish more people did that to be honest. Ah well, to each his/her own!