Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Men and Women

Hey all! I know it's been a long time but since nobody actually reads this and my invisible following is so very loyal, I didn't think anyone would really mind.

I would like to write a bit about men. No not the boring Sex and the City type deal, but I've just been having these many conversations about gender issues for some bizarre reason lately and I thought I would say a very brief something on the topic. This is sparked by the fact that I am currently (as in this very minute) working in an office where there is one other female employee. I found that weird.

In my sweet innocent feminist way I still have issues with lack of equality etc etc and so forth and can rant about it for hours. But I don't want to talk about that today. Today I just wanted to say that I know a lot of nice guys.

I know a lot of nice guys who are quite sensitive, and moreover like a good gossip, who at the same time are straight and watch Match of the Day and all that. What's my point? Well this is my point. I think yes, there are differences, biological, between the sexes, but that they vary in their severity. And that in the end people, to me, are just people. I would love it if instead of ganging up on each other, "Men are such ..." "Women always . . ." that we could just gang up on individuals, "John is such ..." "Alison always ..." because then we wouldn't force naive innocent magazine readers like myself to adopt some sort of fake personality that is fashionable but not my opinion. My father watches musicals, my mother baseball. It's all good man, it's all good. I like guys. I like girls. But not all guys and not all girls. I like people. But there are certain individuals who drive me nuts. Let's judge people individually. And get on with it.

That's all I want to say for now.

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olliewood said...

I agree muchos with this sensible and touching view on the gals/geezers issue. It has made me reconsider my decision to postpone painting my bedroom pink. I just really like pink. My worry was that I, a boy, might scare off any potential ladychums if they saw said colour, combined with, as it will be when it's finished, a framed Supergirl The Movie poster. I like pink and I had a crush on Supergirl because she was a bit geeky. I will say knackers to such silly self-censoring from now on. Super best of luck with your ongoing scribble adventure. Look forward to reading it.