Friday, April 27, 2007

Adrienne gets philosophical about Blogging.

There is a new blogger on the scene! You may have noticed her commenting occasionally here. Her name is Dawn Rotarangi, the New Zealand author of the soon-to-be-published Ripples on the Lake.

I came across her blog after helping her out with a blogger query over on Absolute Write. On Thursday she wrote an interesting entry on the world of blogging, how one tests the waters, checks out different blogs and finds the ones that speak to them. She also talked about herself, finding her niche and settling in. And she compared the whole thing to a highschool dance.

And I would like to take this idea and run with it for a bit.

There most definitely is a blogging hierarchy. There are the popular blogs, the ones everyone knows about - ie Perez Hilton. Then there are the popular blogs within a certain niche, in my case I would cite Miss Snark as an excellent example. She is hugely famous in the writing world, anyone who is in this business knows of this lover of George Clooney with her spiky heels and stash of gin (possibly around the neck of her beloved Killer Yap, in much the same way medicine could be found round the neck of a Saint Bernard - well if she hasn't done that I highly suggest that she give it a go).

Then there are the blogs that are like the clubs at school that eat lunch in their respective office or something, blogs where a group of people go around and read each other's blogs and post comments, very insular, but extremely supportive of each other.

And then there are the new blogs, the new kids. Slowly going around and finding their footing, trying on different personalities until they find the gang they most get along with.

But what gets to me about this whole thing, more than this interesting hierarchy, is how young we all are. Miss Snark has been blogging for all of 2 years. That's it. And yet now I can't imagine a world without all these different resources, these different people. Blogs have utterly changed the way the world works. And yet when it comes to media, blogs are like the new kids. I can only wonder where they will go from here.

Anyway, all this came about because a lovely blogging buddy of mine, Pat Wood, and her book Lottery, were totally praised on Miss Snark today, which has inspired no ends of congrats (well deserved of course, and to which I heartily add my own), and I was just thinking about status in the blogging world, and how two or three years ago, this social structure didn't exist at all. And how important, how vital, it has become now.

I get philosophical at times.

So super congrats Pat! (and I thought I would just brag for a moment that I too have an ARC [advanced reader copy] of Lottery. I am totally flattered really to have one, and that's all I'm going to say about it until I finish it, you'll all just have to wait with bated breath).

And welcome again to Dawn!

And yay to blogging! You are so cute and little now, I just have to wonder what you'll be like when you become a gawky teenager. Ah well, I'll deal with your rebellion when the time comes. Now have a lollipop!


Dawn said...

Gee, Adrienne, you've brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for the 'warm fuzzies'.

I love what you're saying about the blog hierarchy. You've made a lot more sense of it all than I did and I thank you for that.

Lesley Livingston said...

OOh! OOh! Can I be one of the weirdos eating my lunch back stage in the bloggy-sphere's equivalent of the Drama Club? Oh wait. I probably already am.


LL (not necessarily philosophical after the strange day she's had...)

David L. McAfee said...

Great...just great. That means I gotta sit at my own table again with a copy of some book while all the popular kids have fun at lunch.

I don't miss high school. :)

OK, maybe a little.

Cute post, Adrienne. :)

adrienne said...

Dawn - lol! Warm fuzzies for everyone!

lesley - yes, you already are.

david - I don't think we ever really leave highschool. In fact, I don't think I believe in grown ups.

ORION said...

Very good Adrienne!
So am I at the cool table or do I sit with the nerds?
Thanks for the congrats!
and not I will NOT ask you what page you're on.
(What page ARE you on...)

Dawn said...

Do I pick up a sense of not quite fitting in? If I started another blog for weirdos and misfits would you all come join my gang?

I heard that! Who said my present blog is for weirdos and misfits!

Michael said...

Hi, Adrienne. I've seen your comments at Dawn's and thought I'd have a lookt at your site. My blog is only about two weeks old and this is all new to me. Reading your post was quite informative.

But oh...that means I'm at the nerd table again. :)

Michael said...

Yes, I would join, Dawn!

Dawno said...

Great example of how we bloggers can extend our community and support each other - plus it's about a Dawn. I'm all for promoting Dawns. :-)

snarkfodder said...

My favourite author blog is Neil Gaiman's. I was familiar with his work but didn't become a fan until I started reading his blog regularly. I like the way he maintains a personable connection with fans (signing well into the night, answering questions on the blog, and just being a nice guy) despite the crazy level of fame. Just a few months ago I offloaded about $200 on his books in one fell swoop based on that connection alone. Never underestimate the power of the blog.

J M McDermott said...

i like to think of it like my own personal megaphone.

imagine if everyone in the world had their own megaphone and took a moment to shout their thoughts at each other?

this is just like that, but nobody has to listen if they don't want to.

i guess that makes it not very much like a megaphone, but i still like to think of blogging that way.

commenting is like megaphoning back.

David L. McAfee said...

Dawn - Weirdos and Misfits???

Where do I sign up??